Sadie – Review

Many thanks to Wednesday Books and Netgalley for the chance to read and review this novel early. It seems like Sadie is everywhere in the book world right now, with rave reviews being given right and left. I just knew it would be my kind of read - I can't get enough of vengeance-seeking females.... Continue Reading →


Die Revanche – Rezension

Vielen Dank an NetGalley und Montlake Romance, dass ich die Chance bekomme habe Die Revanche vorab zu lesen. Ich kann es immer noch nicht glauben, dass eine meiner Lieblingsautorinnen endlich ihr erstes Buch in Deutsch rausgebracht hat. Yay! Da ich das englische Original, The Summer Games - Settling the Sore, vor genau 2 Jahren schon... Continue Reading →

Not Her Daughter – Review

Many thanks to St. Martin's Griffin and Netgalley for the chance to read this novel early! Have you ever witnessed a child being mistreated by their parent in public and felt the urge to remove the child from the situation? I know I have! I've spoken the words, "I wish I could steal that kid... Continue Reading →

Favorite Quote Friday

Ashley "Some women chased money, found it to be a desirable trait in a man. I did not. It made me uneasy. Traditionally, those with money treated me like dirt." - J.R. Rogue, Kiss Me Like You Mean It Sabrina "Pain is necessary. Pain is life. Without pain, there can be no joy." - Rick... Continue Reading →

Not So Nice Guy – Review

I don't know what I can say about R.S. Grey's books that I haven't already said a million and one times. I will read every book this woman writes because each one is so much FUN! To date, I think Not So Nice Guy is Grey's most hilarious book - I was laughing at something... Continue Reading →

Verliere mich. Nicht. – Rezension

Achtung: Verliere mich. Nicht. ist Band 2 in diesem New Adult Duet und ist nach Berühre mich. Nicht zu lesen. Bitte seht davon ab diese Rezension zu lesen, wenn ihr Band 1 noch nicht gelesen habt, da Spoiler nicht ausgeschlossen sind. Ich bin so froh, dass ich mir den zweiten Band in diesem Duet schon... Continue Reading →

Off Topic Tuesday

Today for Off Topic Tuesday with our blogger friend Kacy, The Fettered Matriarch, we're talking about places we've lived in our lives. Ashley My life began in a small town in Northern Michigan, near Traverse City, where I lived until I was eight years old. I didn't know at the time how much of an... Continue Reading →

Idle – Review

Excuse me while I fangirl over Fisher Amelie. When I didn't think I could love her more than I already did, I got to meet her at Book Bonanza and receive the best hug of all-time, then I came home and was able to dive into Idle, the fourth sin of The Seven Deadly Sins... Continue Reading →

Foe – Review

Many thanks to Gallery Books and Netgalley for the chance to read and review this book! July created a new obsession for me called Iain Reid. I finally decided to pick up I'm Thinking of Ending Things earlier in the month and was completely blown away by the writing and the storyline that kept me... Continue Reading →

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