Say You Want Me Cover Reveal!


We are very excited to bring you the cover for SAY YOU WANT ME by New York Times Bestselling Author Corinne Michaels. This highly anticipated novel guaranteed to pull your heartstrings will release on OCTOBER 31.

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Depths of Salvation – Shared Review

depths of salvationSabrina and I were lucky enough to score a couple of ARC’s for Molly E. Lee’s third book in her “Love on the Edge” series, Depths of Salvation.  We both devoured the previous books in the series, Edge of Chaos and East of Redemption. Molly’s books play like fun action and adventure movies with a side of romance in my mind’s eye as I read them.

“She could have anything she wanted.  She already owned every piece of my soul, something I never thought anything more than the ocean was capable of capturing.”

Each book is a perfect light weekend read that can help a person unwind from a tough week.  Most of all, I love the research Molly puts into her books; seeing that not many of us know much about deep sea diving, treasure hunting, or storm chasing, we are able to learn something as we enjoy the adventure. Continue reading “Depths of Salvation – Shared Review”

Get in the Car, Jupiter – Review


I cannot even handle this book.  After reading one dark and serious novel, and calling it quits before the end of another melancholy story, Sabrina suggested that I read Get in the Car, Jupiter by Fisher Amelie for a pick me up.  I have had this book on my TBR since I saw the cover.  Yeah, I told y’all I’m a totally judgmental reader.  Why would anyone want to pour themself into writing a book and give it a drab cover?  I mean, how freaking cute is Jupiter with her cheeseburger?!  I had to get to know her.  Continue reading “Get in the Car, Jupiter – Review”

‘Depths of Salvation’-Release

Happy Release Day, Molly E. Lee !!!
Depths of Salvation is such a great and adventurous book. Get it and dive into this awesome story!

Release Date: September 26, 2016
Photo & Cover Design: Regina Wamba / MaeIDesign and Photography
Models: Ty Sundeen & Lindsey Jo Angelo



Sadie Jenkins’ most recent site of preservation is a sunken WWII cargo ship off the coast of the Bahamas. When a giant corporation threatens to blow it up to make way for an underwater gas pipeline, Sadie is forced to prove to the Head of Government the importance and value of her site. Continue reading “‘Depths of Salvation’-Release”

Edge of Recovery – Review

eorEdge of Recovery is the companion novella to Edge of Chaos and Molly surprised us with its surprise-release only a few weeks ago. 🙂 Edge of Recovery is Justin’s story who we first meet in Edge of Chaos.
After hearing about the surprise-release, I was torn between reading it ASAP and never picking it up all. You see, when you’ve read Edge of Chaos you know what kind of person Justin is. I absolutely HATED him. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt: my disdain toward him couldn’t get any worse, could it? 😀 Continue reading “Edge of Recovery – Review”

Cover Reveal of The Player

Happy Cover Reveal Day, Claire Contreras!!!
How do you guys like the cover?! It’s soooo gorgeous!! I can’t wait to read the book, though!! I love soccer and I really think there need to be more books that include this sport, because soccer-players. ♥


Here’s the synopsis:

“I’m naturally gifted on the field and between the sheets. With flashy cars and enough media attention to put the Royal Family to shame, I’m the definition of Most Eligible Bachelor. Continue reading “Cover Reveal of The Player”

He Will be my Ruin – Review

He Will be my Ruin was my first K.A. Tucker book and has been sitting on my TBR pile for most of this year.  Normally when I begin a book by reading the prologue, it leaves my mind until the topic is brought up again later in the book.  Not this time!  Throughout my reading I was constantly waiting to find out what happened in the prologue.  I was instantly captivated.

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