Bring Me Back – Review

IMG_6404.updatedI have been a fan of Micalea Smeltzer‘s books for quite some time, so there was no question not to read this book when she released it in April 2016. Micalea has never said what the book was about and the only blurb she ever released was this:

I could have put the typical blurb here.
Boy meets girl.
They fall in love.
Live happily ever after.
The end.
But this isn’t THAT story.

She often said that the story of this book came to her in a dream when she was really young and she only released the book recently.
Micalea wants us to go into the story blind without knowing anything whatsoever. I read the book and I was so glad I didn’t know anything. I think that any hint toward the plot would’ve spoiled the entire book. This is why you guys have to go into this book blind, too, if you decide to give this book a chance (I totally would!). The only thing I say is this: the story is unlike every other story Micalea wrote.
And for the paper cranes… Well, read the book and find out for yourself. 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget the tissues! :’)

Happy Reading,

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