Rae of Sunshine – Review

img_6417-updateI am big fan of Micalea Smeltzer’s novels and I have read most of her books so far. Rae of Sunshine is one of the many books I absolutely adore. I just finished reading it for the second time actually – and I can say that I loved it just as much as the first time.

Rae is 18 and starts her freshman year of college at Huntley University in Colorado. On moving day she gets knocked down by the star quarterback of the University: Cade Montgomery. Needless to say that moody Rae is not very impressed by Cocky Cade, as Rae likes to call him. Her day gets even worse when she meets her roommate! Cade is relentless in pursuing Rae and soon both have to realize that their dark pasts might cost them their relationship.

Everyone has scars. Everyone. Sometimes, you can’t see them and those can be the worst.

Rae of Sunshine is a typical new adult college romance. Among others, I personally love these books the most. ♥ But Cade is not your typical cocky-tattooed-bad-boy-college-guy. Nope, far from it. Although Cade is the star quarterback and acts cocky at first glance, he is one of the nicest, kindest and most considerate guys ever. Why can’t every guy be like Cade?! He definitely secured himself a place in my personal Top-5-book-boyfriend-list. ♥
We get to meet Rae as a pessimistic and self-pitying person, which is quiet annoying sometimes. Rae’s sad and terrible story is revealed throughout the book. I can’t imagine going through something like she had done.

Micalea decided to focus the book on Rae’s story only, although we get a short glimpse in Cade’s life, too. I personally think that Cade is a great character and that his story needs to be told, too. It would be so great of Micalea to give Cade his own novel or novella.
Rae’s story is unique and I’m glad Micalea decided to write a book about this issue. Unfortunately it is still too common.

The bad things don’t define us, it’s what we make of them that does. Turn a negative into a positive, that kind of thing.

Rae of Sunshine is book 1 in the Light in the Dark-series.

Happy Reading,
♥ Sabrina

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