Edge of Recovery – Review

eorEdge of Recovery is the companion novella to Edge of Chaos and Molly surprised us with its surprise-release only a few weeks ago. 🙂 Edge of Recovery is Justin’s story who we first meet in Edge of Chaos.
After hearing about the surprise-release, I was torn between reading it ASAP and never picking it up all. You see, when you’ve read Edge of Chaos you know what kind of person Justin is. I absolutely HATED him. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt: my disdain toward him couldn’t get any worse, could it? 😀

The novella starts off really heavy and is perhaps the lowest point in Justin’s life. After a short trip to prison he is carted off to rehab where he has to learn to open up and trust the people who are there to help him. Charlie, his sponsor, is one of the people who want him to get better, she is determined to make him see and understand that he is not the monster he claims to be. He might be broken, but broken can be fixed, right?

How could anyone be so perfect? But she wasn’t. She had black spots on her past just as much, or more so than I did. She was far from perfect, full of laws. She was simply perfect for me.

As the weeks go by Justin not only struggles with his addiction or his feelings for Charlie, he also has to deal with issues that follow him from his short time in prison into rehab.

Molly did a great job in writing this novella for us. And she actually made me like Justin again. His story is so sad and it made me feel sorry for him. He is in rehab for a reason; all the people in rehab are in there for a reason. They are sick and need help because they can’t help themselves anymore. Sure, there are people in it for the wrong reasons but if someone really wants to get better and puts a real effort in, then this person can make it.
Charlie is not your girl-next-door type of girl. She is tough as nails and knows what she wants. I really liked that about her.
Toward the end, the story takes a surprising, unexpecting and to me shocking turnaround I didn’t see coming at all.

I really enjoyed the references to Edge of Chaos and also to Depths of Salvation. It is great to see how Molly tries to connect her standalone novels with small references to each other after all.

If you plan on reading Edge of Recovery, please make sure to read Edge of Chaos first! That way you get the whole experience and understand the references. 🙂

Happy Readying,

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