Depths of Salvation – Shared Review

depths of salvationSabrina and I were lucky enough to score a couple of ARC’s for Molly E. Lee’s third book in her “Love on the Edge” series, Depths of Salvation.  We both devoured the previous books in the series, Edge of Chaos and East of Redemption. Molly’s books play like fun action and adventure movies with a side of romance in my mind’s eye as I read them.

“She could have anything she wanted.  She already owned every piece of my soul, something I never thought anything more than the ocean was capable of capturing.”

Each book is a perfect light weekend read that can help a person unwind from a tough week.  Most of all, I love the research Molly puts into her books; seeing that not many of us know much about deep sea diving, treasure hunting, or storm chasing, we are able to learn something as we enjoy the adventure.

“My chest rose and fell rapidly, the adrenaline in my veins worse than when I’d swam away from sharks.”

Sadie, a marine preservationist, is set on saving her site, a sunken World War II ship, from being destroyed. Sadie is a witty, tough as nails diver that commands respect. When Connell enters her world and workspace, she is forced to convince him of the viability of her site. Without Connell’s help, she could lose her job, and an island could lose its food source.   However, as she gets closer to him in her rescue pursuit, she discovers Connell has deep secrets he isn’t willing to share with just anyone.  Sadie is challenged with uncovering not only Connell’s dark past, but a plant that could save the Falconer from destruction.

This perfectly paced read is pure enjoyment from start to finish. If you haven’t read Molly E. Lee’s books, you are seriously missing out! Start at the beginning of the series, so you’ll be able to catch the subtle nods to her previous works!  I, personally, love when I can see these fun tidbits in an author’s subsequent stories.


Depths of Salvation is yet another adventurous novel by Molly E. Lee. This time Molly takes us underwater deep sea diving in the Bahamas with marine preservationist Sadie and underwater welder Connell.

Sadie and her crew preserve the WWII cargo ship Falconer. The site is very special to Sadie and when she learns that a huge gas corporation wants to build an underwater gas pipeline right through her site, she tries everything in her power to prevent that: she only needs to convince the Head of Government that her site is important and valuable to its island’s residents. In comes Connell. He was offered a $12 million deal by the huge gas corporation to work alongside Sadie on her site. But not to safe it. No: To testify to the Head of Government that her site is not worth saving. This way the corporation could build the pipeline without any issues. Problem is: Connell hasn’t met Sadie yet.

Sadie is a very determined, strong and outgoing character. She loves her job and is passionate in doing it. She would do about anything to safe her underwater sites. Connell on the other hand is moody and a man of few words. He has a dark past, holds everyone at arm’s length and is very determined to not let anyone in – ever. That is until he meets Sadie. Both Sadie and Connell are drawn to each other instantly and working together on Sadie’s site makes Connell want to open up to Sadie.

Like Edge of Chaos and East of Redemption, Depths of Salvation is all about the adventure. I abosultely love this aspect of each of Molly’s books. Reading this book, like all the others, was as if I was with Sadie and Connell. Molly puts so much effort in researching her books which makes the reading even better.
I’ve always wanted to get a diving license but due to lack of money and time, I never had the chance to. Reading this book made me want to get the license even more!! 🙂 One day, I guess! 🙂

If you love adventure and romance, then you should pick this book up and dive right into the story.

Happy Reading;
♥ Sabrina

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