The Mistake – Review

img_6594-updateThe Mistake is the second novel in Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series and follows hockey player John Logan, who we first meet in The Deal. Logan is Garrett’s best friend and lives with him and two other hockey-players/friends in an off-campus house. On his way to a party he accidentally runs into Grace Ivers, a Freshman at Briar University. What starts off as fun and easy hook-ups, ends soon in a disaster. Logan messes up pretty badly which makes Grace run for the hills. Luckily summer vacation is just around the corner and Grace won’t have to face Logan again – at least for a little while.
Back at Briar after summer vacation, Grace is older, wiser and finally a Sophomore and she won’t let Logan sweet-talk her in forgiving him. But Logan is determined and never misses an opportunity to make her see that he regrets his mistake. And Grace? She will make Logan work for his forgiveness. 😉

As I mentioned in my previous review, I read The Deal twice. Needless to say I was super excited for Logan’s story! But unfortunately, The Mistake was not as good as I hoped it would be. I can’t really say what exactly it was that made me rate that book 4 stars instead of 5. Don’t get me wrong, The Mistake is still a good book and I definitely recommend it to everyone who has read The Deal, but there was something missing in the story.

Grace is a new character to the series and apparently a psych student – and I only figured that out toward the end of the book (did I miss the part at the beginning where she tells us what she majors in?!). What I really liked about Grace was her love for action movies! There should be more action film loving female characters out there. 🙂
Logan is the typical cocky hockey player. His time at Briar consists of parties, hockey, women, studying and more parties and women. But Logan is not a bad guy! He really cares for his friends and family. And when he wants to make Grace see what a great guy he is? I think most of the guys would’ve given up after a short while – not Logan, tho!

Go away, G. I’m wooing.

Grace does not have to deal with a troubled or dark past – only with a mean and backstabbing roommate/best friend for 13 years. Logan on the other hand is not so lucky and dreads to go home. Even thinking about it makes him cringe.
As I mentioned in the beginning, Grace and Logan meet by accident and have a more or less instant connection. I think it is really odd to be a total player one day, then you meet a random girl on campus and all of a sudden you are a changed man. It’s not very believable in my eyes, but what do I know. 😀
Just so you know: the end of The Mistake turned into a real cheese-fest, which was weird, because there was no cheese before – I could’ve lived without it, tho. 😉

new-cover-2On September 26th, Elle Kennedy published book 4 in the Off-Campus series and decided to change the covers of the books altogether. The abs cover you see at the beginning of this review is not available in paperback anymore. The ebook version however still has the abs version. So don’t be surprised when you order The Mistake as paperback: same book, different cover.

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