The Score – Review

img_6645_updatedThe Score is the third novel in the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy and follows hockey defenseman Dean Heyward-Di Laurentis and acting major Allie Hayes. Dean and Allie are total opposites when it comes to relationships: Dean is Mr. Womanizer himself and has hooked up with more girls than he can count. Allie however is serious about them and doesn’t do casual – ever! After her break-up with her long-time boyfriend, she flees the dorms and stays at Garrett’s off-campus house. Too bad for Allie that Dean is the only one home the entire weekend and he’s more than determined to persuade Allie into rebound sex with him. Allie finally agrees and both spend a hot night together. Come Monday morning, Allie is ready to move on from her Ex and Dean. Dean however can’t get Allie out of his head and he tries everything to convince her to be with him for another night – or maybe for even longer?

After reading The Mistake and being slighly disappointed, my hopes for this novel were pretty high again. Unfortunately, I liked this book even less than The Mistake. :/ But let me get to the positive things first.
Although Dean comes from money, he doesn’t necessarily like the idea of people favoring him – especialy when it comes to his education. He wants to earn his grades, he doesn’t want anything handed to him on a silver platter! Dean is also a great friend who would do anything for his team mates and his friends.
Allie is not only Hannah’s roomie, but is also her best friend. She is an acting major and hopes to become a big name in Hollywood. Allie is very determined and knows what she wants – which is one of the many reasons she broke up with her boyfriend. She wants to chase after her dreams and doesn’t need a boyfriend who gives her an ultimatum!

As I mentioned in the small recap in the beginning, Dean is THE player of the hockey team, probably at the whole Uni. But after hooking up with Allie,  he can’t get her out of his head – which is very similiar to The Mistake‘s storyline in which Logan can’t get Grace out of his head. The only difference here is that Dean and Allie not only decide to be friends with benefits, they also keep their “relationship” a secret.
I don’t know if it’s just me but I was a  little bored with the “friends-with-benefits” storyline. Don’t get me wrong, it usually is quite entertaining, but this novel was just like all the other ones: there was nothing unique or very special about it.

There were two other things that didn’t make me happy. First there was an unexpected guest closer to the end. Second there was a shocking and unexpected incident even closer toward the end! I know that both events happened to get the story going, but to be perfectly honest with you guys, it was all too much. It only caused unnecessary trouble and drama which made story not believable anymore. And the unexpected guest? ANNOYING!
Plus, this book had no epilogue whatsoever! All previous books in this series had one, so why did Kennedy decide to not write an epilogue for this book?

new-cover-3On September 26th, Elle Kennedy published book 4 in the Off-Campus series and decided to change the covers of the books altogether. The abs cover you see at the beginning of this review is not available in paperback anymore. The ebook version however still has the abs version. So don’t be surprised when you order The Score as paperback: same book, different cover.

Happy Reading,
♥ Sabrina

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