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When authors write romance, I feel like they are trying to achieve what R.S. Grey just accomplished with A Place in the Sun.  I could not put this book down—it was everything!  A beautiful location- check, likeable characters- check, slow build- check, drama without being overly dramatic- check, happily ever after- check! This book touched on all of my favorite things in a novel.  I absolutely love British characters because their way of speaking is so intriguing and fun for me to read or listen to, and I can’t get enough of European locations, especially ones like Vernazza.   Grey did such an amazing job of describing the Italian city, that when I Googled pictures after reading it looked exactly as I had pictured it in my mind.  Only a great writer can describe a location so effortlessly without being overly descriptive and boring.  Also, can we all give a round of applause to R.S. Grey for being such an accomplished writer at the age of 26? Sabrina and I are both amazed with her talent and achievements, being that she is the same age as we are! Way to go, girl!vernazza.jpg

I am enamored with this story and don’t want to pick anything else up for a while because I want to live in this beautiful place just a little longer.  The sun, beaches, and restaurants of literary Italy have completely captivated me.

Georgie was a new character for me since I have yet to read R.S.’s previous novel featuring her.  However, not knowing her yet didn’t detract from the story at all.  We get into her point of view from the get-go as she describes the numerous bad dates her mother has set her up on, as if biological clock is ticking down rapidly at the fresh age of 26.  Georgie, tired of her mother’s endless match-making, decides to spin her globe and pick a new place to land.  When she finally settles in Italy after a long journey fraught with motion sickness, she heads out into the city to find an unsuspecting husband.  Little does she know, she may have already encountered him.

“’Gianluca,’ I said.  ‘He’s not Voldemort, you can say his name. It’s not a big deal.’”

A Place in the Sun is a superb, sexy, and witty novel that every woman would be a fool not to love! It is Chick-Lit at its finest.  Although parts of the story may seem a bit predictable, as it’s usually obvious the two main characters are going to eventually fall in love, it did not in any way cheapen the story.  I felt like I was watching one of my favorite Chick-Flicks on a lazy Saturday with a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s.  In fact, if Hollywood brought this novel to the cinema, I would be the first in line to watch!  It is that good.  Pre-order this novel now before the price goes up in two days, and get lost in the Italian sun, sand, and the sexy Gianluca.

Happy Reading,

I’ve never been too keen on going to Italy, although it is only a roughly 3 hour plane ride away. But now?! Who of you wants to join me and explore Vernazza? I’ve googled it after reading the book and O. M. G! This Italian town is so beautiful! I am in love and I want to go NOW! 😀

I was really looking forward to this book, because ever since I first read about Georgie in Grey’s Settling the Score, I couldn’t wait for her story.
Georgie is as sassy, crazy and fun as she was in Settling the Score. No wonder moody Gianluca had a hard time handling the always positive Georgie. 😀

I think it was rather brave of Georgie to just move to Italy on a whim. I actually admire her! I have lived abroad for quite some time, I’m living abroad at the moment, but I always had a plan. I always knew where I was going and what to do. But Georgie just left and didn’t have a care in the world. ❤
Gianluca is the polar opposite of Georgie but he actually has a good reason for being that moody and quiet. A lot of authors would have waited to reveal the main hero’s pasts to build up suspense and angst – not so this author! Gianluca’s past was revealed relatively in the beginning and I am so glad RS Grey did that! It was so refreshing!

Also, this novel has no insta-love, which I also appreciated. Thank you, Rachel! 🙂 Isn’t it more fun to read about two people hating/not liking each other at first, then becoming friends and then later realizing “Oh, we really really like each other!”? I love it!

Please, let us take a moment here to admire this beautiful cover… Have you seen the stamps on it?! Perfection! I can’t wait to own the paperback to put on my shelves! ❤

If you haven’t read Settling the Score yet, don’t worry. You don’t need to read it to understand this story.
It’s almost October and it’s getting colder and colder every day over here. This novel brought back some warmth back, tho.

Lots of bookish love,

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