Melody’s Key – Review

mkMelody’s Key is a New Adult debut novel by Michigan based singer Dallas Coryell. I received an ARC from the author himself in exchange for an honest review.

Tegan Lockwood and her family live on the family estate on the South Coast of England. She and her siblings help their parents out with the family’s struggling business – which is some sort of summer getaway Inn on the family’s estate. Tegan received an art scholarship from Columbia University in New York City but can’t afford to go due to her responsibilities at home. As she is dreading another dull and uneventful summer, a mysterious guest checks in to spend the entire summer at the Lockwood’s. Is this the adventure Tegan was hoping for for so long? Continue reading “Melody’s Key – Review”

Going Rogue


Do you ever get so excited you feel like you could puke? That’s exactly how I feel after opening my book mail from J.R. Rogue.  Her words are like medicine for my soul.  She crafts poems out of the words I couldn’t formulate, the thoughts that have been stuck in my head, and I’m obsessed.

I just want to crawl inside your mind
for a while.

I’d venture a guess your
dreams are a
place to live.

& I’ve grown
so weary of

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The Fire Between High & Lo – Review


Since I will be attending The Bookworm Box signing on December 10th in Sulpher Springs, Texas, I wanted to check a few more books off of my TBR list from authors attending the signing.  Brittainy C. Cherry is one of the authors attending that I’m anxious to have the chance to meet.  I read the first book of her Elements series earlier this year, and have had The Fire Between High & Lo sitting on my Kindle app even before I read The Air He Breathes.

“You’re still the air in my lungs. You’re still my greatest high. And I am still truly, madly, painfully in love with you. And I don’t think I’ll ever know how to stop.”

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With this Heart – Review

img_7091-updatedWith this Heart is a standalone novel by R.S. Grey released in 2014.
Up until a few months ago, Abby was sick. So sick that she was about to die. But fortunately she had her lucky stars on her side and was given a second chance at life. And why not start this second chance with an epic road trip? What she didn’t expect was Beck, the good-looking and charming stranger she met in one of the oddest places to ever meet someone. Beck didn’t take no for an answer and just invited himself along. Abby’s initial apprehension toward Beck coming along faded quickly, because what could go wrong when you have a hot guy as your road trip partner? Continue reading “With this Heart – Review”

The Girl on the Train – Shared Review

img_7067-updatedThe Girl on the Train is one of the biggest recent releases of the past two years and now a major motion picture to boot. It’s hard to believe this is the debut novel of Paula Hawkins since it hit almost instant fame.

The main character, Rachel, rides the same train everyday while observing the lives within the homes she passes. She begins to feel as if she knows the people she is passing, and creates romantic storylines for the people she sees most frequently. One day on Rachel’s regular train ride, she observes an appalling scene that wrecks the imaginative story she had fabricated for so long. When Rachel goes to the police to report the scene she observed as a helpful tip for an investigation, she is left feeling as if she did not seem like a credible witness. Instead of depending on the police, Rachel inserts herself into the lives of the strangers she watched through the windows of the train, determined to solve the mystery and make herself useful. This “who-done-it” story will keep readers guessing until the very end.  Will you be on Rachel’s side, or is she as crazy as everyone assumes? Continue reading “The Girl on the Train – Shared Review”

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail – Review

Beautiful photo kindly provided by @natalik112 on Instagram!

This book doesn’t really little ol’ me to promote it, since it’s already a huge hit in the book and film world, but I wanted to share none-the-less.  I’ve you’ve missed the boat…or the hike in this case, Wild is about a woman left reeling after the untimely death of her beloved mother.  She ends up divorced, pregnant, hooked on drugs, and generally in a horrible downward spiral to an early grave herself.  On a whim, she decides she is going to set out on a solitary hike on the Pacific Crest Trail from Southern California to Washington.  She has no hiking experience, only a simple trail guide she picked up, a backpack nicknamed Monster, and a will to change the path of her life on the dusty West Coast trail.


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