Nerve – Review

img_3250The book Nerve is a young adult fiction book by Jeanne Ryan.

Are you a player or watcher?
NERVE is an online “Truth or Dare”-game – without the truth part, though. People can sign up as players or watchers. As a player you have to complete different dares that are assigned to you by the people behind NERVE. For each completed dare, you can win money or other prizes. In order to win, the dare must be filmed and livestreamed on the NERVE website. And here come the watchers into the game. When signed up as a watcher, you film and livestream the players’ dares – only to win prizes yourself. The tricky part is that not only do the prizes get bigger with each completed dare, the dares get more difficult and more dangerous, too! In the finals, a group of players have to complete one last big dare to win the grand prize.
When high school junior Vee signed up as player just for fun, she never dreamed of being so popular among the watchers. She is joined by fellow player Ian and together they conquer one dare after the other, but what they didn’t expect is the deadly dare at the end.

Right after I watched the movie trailer of Nerve, I found out that it is actually based on a novel. The trailer was so great that I couldn’t wait to start with the book.
The novel however started off really slowly and actually a little boring. But after a while the storyline got more interesting. With each chapter toward the end, Ryan tried to built up suspense which only worked to a certain degree, in my opinion. Then came the final dare and I was actually a little shocked of what was going on. I waited for the big “boom” but it never came. Instead of a big “boom” came a rather boring and disappointing ending.

Although the book was not what I expected, it had a great message (at least I think that was what Ryan wanted us to realize :D). With this novel, Ryan showed us how greedy and materialistic people these days have become. The dares started off easy, innocent and harmless. But with each dare, they became more dangerous, more illegal and more life threatening and the greedy players didn’t even realize it and didn’t stop at nothing: the only thing they cared about were the prizes.

It was a nice read and easy read but I expected something more exciting.

Happy Reading,
Sabrina ♥

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Amazon UK
Amazon DE – English Copy
Amazon UK – German Copy


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