Wilder – Review

img_6912-updatedWilder is the new novel by Rebecca Yarros and the first book in “The Renegades” series.
Leah Baxter is 20 and about to board a cruise ship in Miami, FL for the Study at Sea program. As part of her scholarship she’s not only going to undertake classes, exams and quizzes, she is also going to tutor one of the other students. And this other student happens to be five time X Games winner Paxton Wilder. As if it were not difficult enough for Leah to drag Paxton to classes and make him study, Leah is constantly aware and distracted by not only Paxton’s tattoos but by his charming way of stealing her heart. Both fall very fast for each other – but not everyone wants them to be together.

Leah is a rather shy and down to earth girl. She likes to study and to be on the safe side of life and she has good reason to. Paxton on the other hand loves the thrill, he inhales it, he lives it!

If no one sees the epic moments, did they ever really happen?

There’s nothing too reckless or too dangerous for him. Both couldn’t be any more different. But somehow both complement each other very well, bring out the best in each other and keep each other on their toes.
Also, Leah’s initial indifference and dislike toward Paxton and his lifestyle was pretty entertaining. You may have noticed in previous blog posts that I rather enjoy reading novels in which the characters don’t like each other in the beginning but develop a steady and growing love for each other in the remainder of the story. And this story was one of those novels. It was lovely to see how Leah and Paxton slowly fell in love with each other.

The truth is that I fell. Hard. […] And I didn’t realize just how hard until I was already on my knees, begging for mercy. Love does that to you – breaks you down and then builds you back up into something even better.

I also was very fond of the secondary characters. I hope to read about them in the other Renegade novels soon.

As much as I loved the novel and the characters, the story itself was a little bit too dramatic and too predictable in some parts. However, there were also parts that weren’t predictable at all. The predictability didn’t take away the fun of reading the story, though.

The entire novel is set on a cruise ship for the Study at Sea program. The cruise ship is the students’ campus: they go to classes, study, go to the gym, meet friends for coffee or a drink. The bonus: the students travel the world! They get to see so many different countries and continents, meet so many interesting people and experience the countries’ customs during land excursions and tours.
I was surprised to learn that the Study at Sea program is actually a real thing. Up to this point, I have never heard of anything like this before. I think it’s a great way for students to not only get their education but also to see and experience different countries. Exotic countries even! I am glad Rebecca Yarros decided to make the Study at Sea program a part of her new series.
If you are interested in the Study at Sea program yourself, take a look here: Semester at Sea.

Lots of bookish love,
Sabrina ♥

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