The Girl on the Train – Shared Review

img_7067-updatedThe Girl on the Train is one of the biggest recent releases of the past two years and now a major motion picture to boot. It’s hard to believe this is the debut novel of Paula Hawkins since it hit almost instant fame.

The main character, Rachel, rides the same train everyday while observing the lives within the homes she passes. She begins to feel as if she knows the people she is passing, and creates romantic storylines for the people she sees most frequently. One day on Rachel’s regular train ride, she observes an appalling scene that wrecks the imaginative story she had fabricated for so long. When Rachel goes to the police to report the scene she observed as a helpful tip for an investigation, she is left feeling as if she did not seem like a credible witness. Instead of depending on the police, Rachel inserts herself into the lives of the strangers she watched through the windows of the train, determined to solve the mystery and make herself useful. This “who-done-it” story will keep readers guessing until the very end.  Will you be on Rachel’s side, or is she as crazy as everyone assumes?

From years of reading Nancy Drew stories, I have almost always been entralled by a great mystery! I had this book on my TBR even before I started actively using Goodreads, but when I saw the movie trailer this fall I knew I needed to finally read it. Emily Blunt is one of my favorite actresses, and my husband’s biggest Hollywood crush (ha!), so this movie looked like an obvious must-see for us. Books before movies though, for this bookworm! 😉

While I loved the mystery of this story, I pegged the culprit early on, which left this book slightly anti-climatic for me. The multi-persepective aspect is very interesting when all of the characters are as flawed as these were. It easily leaves the reader wondering if everyone was in on the mystery.  Just as the plot would slow down, I felt like another interesting twist would pop up! I couldn’t read fast enough to get to the next revelation.

Despite Rachel’s faults, I could not help rooting for her as the underdog. Paula Hawkins gave her readers a realistic look into the inner workings of women’s minds, and just how difficult it can be to live amongst other females. I wanted Rachel to figure out what happened before the police, while secretly hoping she wasn’t too involved, and yearning for her to get her happy ending simply because everyone was so quick to discredit her.

This is a mesmerizing story that can easily cause fiction blur with real life, and leave readers questioning the motives and thoughts of people in our reality. Is everyone hiding something? Does everyone have a secret crazy side? What would I do in Rachel’s situation? I felt like I was on the edge of my train seat just like she was!

The Girl on the Train is worth your time, and a fun way to put your sleuth skills to the test. Now I cannot wait to see how the movie compares when the DVD is released in January.


I heard a lot about The Girl on the Train in past the year, mostly because it was picked up as a Hollywood movie. I saw the trailer a couple months ago and I decided to give the book a try before watching the movie.
At first I had a hard time getting into it. Hawkins’ way of telling the story was different than from other authors. But I liked that she didn’t stick to the same ol, same ol’, she tried something new and that worked pretty well overall.

Rachel, the girl on the train, was a rather annoying character. She seemed to be a normal person at the beginning. A woman with a career, going to and from work five days a week. But with each chapter we learned more and more about her and finally got to know her real self (which was a shock to me!). Rachel got herself into one stupid situation after the other and I often thought “Haven’t you learned anything from your previous mistakes?” Nope, unfortunately not!
It was interesting to see and learn how each of the characters were involved with each other, or rather knew each other. There were some surprises that I didn’t expect in the beginning but made – of course – sense toward the end. I suspected each and every one of the characters of being involved in the investigation at some point.

I had really high expectations of this book and I was waiting for a huge plot-twist, even more than one! But it never really came, unfortunately. Maybe there was one, but it was so small I didn’t see it? Of course I was surprised when I found out what was really going on but I never had a “Holy sh*t!!!” moment, if you know what I mean.
The Girl on the Train is a thriller but has unfortunately less suspense than I expected. But nevertheless Paula Hawkins did a real great job in writing this novel, which is actually her debut one!

Happy Reading,
Sabrina ♥

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