With this Heart – Review

img_7091-updatedWith this Heart is a standalone novel by R.S. Grey released in 2014.
Up until a few months ago, Abby was sick. So sick that she was about to die. But fortunately she had her lucky stars on her side and was given a second chance at life. And why not start this second chance with an epic road trip? What she didn’t expect was Beck, the good-looking and charming stranger she met in one of the oddest places to ever meet someone. Beck didn’t take no for an answer and just invited himself along. Abby’s initial apprehension toward Beck coming along faded quickly, because what could go wrong when you have a hot guy as your road trip partner?

I started with the first chapter during my lunch break last week, which was not the best idea I had, unfortunately. I usually read during my lunch breaks, but this book took me by surprise. I didn’t expect it to be that funny. Seriously, I was flat out laughing with tears in my eyes! My colleagues were looking at me like I was crazy. Chapter one was definitely a fantastic start to a great adventure with Abby and Beck.

I loved Abby. She was probably one of the most cynical, sarcastic and funniest characters I’ve ever read about. Her witty comments and thoughts were too hilarious:

How did he meet girls so quickly? I hadn’t come across one guy in nineteen years that seemed interested in me, yet it seemed as if girls approached him daily. Maybe I was playing for the wrong team. Maybe being a lesbian would be easier.

Although Abby had a rather rough start in life, which almost ended too soon, she didn’t want to waste any more of it than she already had. Abby’s initial careful and considerate behavior at the beginning of the roadtrip was soon forgotten. Having Beck at her side made her curious, adventurous and more reckless than ever before.
Speaking of Beck… There is really nothing I can say that would do this guy justice. Beck was just so real and so honest. He never played any games with Abby or led her on, he was himself and that was real refreshing. He was also fun, sarcastic, protective and so kind. I’m glad Abby went on this road trip with him. Beck showed her what life was all about.

With this Heart is such a great feel-good novel that wants you to pack your bags, fill up your car and go on a roadtrip yourself. Preferably with Abby and Beck, of course. Those two would be so much fun to have around.
But this novel is more than just a road trip: it’s about friendship, loss, acceptance and taking risks. And the ending of this book. You guys… ❤ To be honest, I had one or two tears in my eyes because it was oh so sweet and oh so perfect.
In addition to A Place in The Sun, this novel is one of my favorites of Grey. I can’t wait to buy the paperback and admire the pretty cover of it. Maybe you will come to Germany soon, Rachel, and will sign it for me.

Sabrina ♥

Sabrina pretty much described this book to a tee, so I’ll keep my thoughts short and sweet. Like all of the R.S. Grey books I’ve read so far, I thoroughly enjoyed reading With this Heart.  Grey’s books have such a cozy feel to them. They’re light and enjoyable; though the stories sometimes contain difficult subject matter, Grey writes them in a way that does not allow the plotline to feel burdensome and overbearing.  She cuts to the chase, while adding humor to lighten the mood. I appreciate her writing style, and look forward to catching up on more of her previous releases.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was the road trip through Texas. As a Texan myself, I love reading positive things promoting our great state! Most non-Texans don’t realize just how big our state is, and how a person could have a several-day road trip without leaving the state. Grey illustrated the size of the state perfectly while describing real tourist attractions throughout, such as Marfa. I never had much of a desire to drive to West Texas as far as Marfa, but now I want to reconsider. Abby and Beck had the best time!

This was one of the sweetest stories I have ever read. The characters were likeable and didn’t seem to have annoying characteristics that many fictional characters have in numerous books. I loved the witty banter and the sarcasm. While I wish more books were as likeable as this one, I feel if more authors copied this style it wouldn’t be quite as enjoyable. R.S. Grey is a pioneer of this niche!

This was the perfect book to buddy-read with Sabrina. So, y’all wrangle a pal and take a trip through Texas with the lovely Abby and swoon-worthy Beck!

Happy Reading,



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