Melody’s Key – Review

mkMelody’s Key is a New Adult debut novel by Michigan based singer Dallas Coryell. I received an ARC from the author himself in exchange for an honest review.

Tegan Lockwood and her family live on the family estate on the South Coast of England. She and her siblings help their parents out with the family’s struggling business – which is some sort of summer getaway Inn on the family’s estate. Tegan received an art scholarship from Columbia University in New York City but can’t afford to go due to her responsibilities at home. As she is dreading another dull and uneventful summer, a mysterious guest checks in to spend the entire summer at the Lockwood’s. Is this the adventure Tegan was hoping for for so long?

Tegan was a nice character to read about. She put all her dreams and future plans on hold to help out her parents with the struggling family business. Tegan is however avoided by most of her peers because of an incident that happened about a few years ago. The sad thing is that she is not even to blame for it.
Mason was a real nice guy: he was helpful, funny, a little cocky but also shy at times. He was the total opposite of what the media made him look like. No wonder Tegan judged him for his celebrity status.
Tegan and Mason’s attraction to one another grew very quickly but both took too long to act on it. That fact alone made the story drag. There were so many situations in which they could’ve confessed their mutual attraction for each other. There were so many situations in which they should’ve just made out already… But no, the chemistry was always ruined by something annoyingly funny or their awkward behavior.
There was one situation toward the end that made Mason look bad. I still can’t say if Mason was tricked or if he really was the bad guy. It was a little confusing and made me question him and his intentions.

Throughout the book, Tegan reads some old love letters from his great-grandpa to her great-grandma dated back in 1914. I don’t really know what the purpose of these letters were. There was no deeper connection between the present and the past (you know like Nicholas Sparks does with all of his books). To me, they were just fillers and could’ve easily been left out.

The entire story was way too detailed. Everything was described down to the smallest detail and it made the story really drag and therefore rather boring. I skipped most of the descriptions because I just couldn’t take it. I know that descriptions are important in a novel but that was way too much.
Coryell also used way too fancy and way too many adjectives. It seemed as if he wanted to brag about the myriad of adjectives he knows (see what I did there? 😉 ). And all the overblown metaphors. Everything was way too much.
Also, there were a few typos which should’ve been spotted by the proofreader.
The book is narrated in third person which I don’t really like – but that’s just my personal opinion.

Overall the novel was an OK read and nothing I would pick up again.

Happy Reading,

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