The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window – Review

boyThe Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window is a young adult novel by Kirsty Moseley.
Amber and her brother Jake are 8 and 10 and live in a abusive home. Ever since their father took on a new job, Amber, Jake and their mom need to tiptoe around the house, trying not to upset him – but failing ever so often. Then one night, 10-year old Liam, the neighbor’s boy and Jake’s best friend, sees Amber crying in her room. He sneaks over and comforts her until both fall asleep. Both are shocked when they wake up the next morning but then decide to act like nothing happened – until the following night when Liam sneaks in again.
Eight years later: Amber is now 16 and thanks to what her father did to her emotionally scarred. Liam is still best friends with Jake, a senior and he likes to flirt and hook up with as many girls as possible. Also, he still sneaks over to Amber’s. Then slowly but steady, Amber starts to see Liam as more than just her brothers best friend. What happens when overprotective Jake finds out not only about Amber and Jake’s sleeping arrangements but also about their fast growing relationship?

Amber was the typical 16-year old. Well, almost typical. But when you leave out her emotional scars and not wanting to be touched by strangers or even her friends, she still has the same problems as all teens at that age: school, boys, parents.
As Amber mentioned in the story, there are two Liams: Daytime-Liam and Nighttime-Liam. Daytime-Liam was the cocky, flirty and fun one. He loved girls and the girls loved him. Nighttime-Liam was the total opposite: he was shy, kind, lovable and had a soothing character. I don’t know which Liam I prefered, though. I think a combination of both was the best mixture.
Jake was an endearing character. He was very overprotective but who would hold it against him in all honesty? With all the sh*t he and Amber had to go through with their father, it was totally reasonable. It just shows what an awesome big brother he is.

The novel started off with an emotional roller-coaster. I will never understand what drives parents into hurting their own kids. I think this is one of the things that no one can fathom. Despite the rough start, it quickly turned into a happier story.
The first half of the novel was typical for young adult: first love, first heartbreak. But that was it, unfortunately. Nothing exciting happened in over 150 pages and everything felt too repetitive. Also, it was a total cheese fest. Don’t get me wrong: I love cheese! But there is a limit to it and when a story crosses that limit, it is all too much. Amber and Liam were both 16 and 18 and all that cheese and all their over the top lovey-dovey behavior made their relationship not believeable.
The second half was still full of cheese but turned into a little more drama. “Finally!”, I thought. But all that drama was way over the top and too predicatble. Moseley tried too hard, unfortunately. I had my eyes rolling so many times. There was one particluar situation in the book that almost made me stop – but I kept reading because I really wanted to stay until the end of that cheese fest.

I’ve read a few young adult novels over the years and I really want to love that genre but all authors try way too much. I hope I soon find a young adult novel, that makes me love that genre again. But until then, no more young adult for me for a little while.
If you love young adult novels, don’t let my review put you off on this book. I’m sure you will love it. Unfortunately, this was not for me.

Happy Reading,
Sabrina ♥

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