Edge of Bliss – Review

edge-of-bliss-final-highEdge of Bliss is the fourth novel in Molly E. Lee‘s “Love on The Edge” series. This installment is the follow-up to Molly’s first novel Edge of Chaos and follows Dash and Blake on their adventures on Tornado Alley.

Note: It is essential to read Edge of Chaos first!

One year ago, Blake’s life was a nightmare. Now she’s living the dream: tornado hunting with her perfect boyfriend Dash on Tornado Alley. But what neither of them expected were all the obstacles they would have to face: a reality TV show team following their every move, a call from Blake’s Ex,  Dash’s past appearing everywhere they go, a job offer Blake may not be able to turn down and on top of all that deathly tornadoes. Will that be their last time hunting together?

Blake has come a long way and you can practically feel how much stronger she is compared to her first appearance in Edge of Chaos. She still has her moments of insecurities but who wouldn’t have if you have an Ex that treats you with no respect at all (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, grab a copy of Edge of Chaos and find out 🙂 ). I’m glad she has Dash, who is the total opposite from her Ex. He makes her feel loved and valued and so much more. Who wouldn’t want to have a Dash in their life? 😉
John and Paul have a lot appareances, too, which I really liked.
Seeing all four of them working and hanging out together was great. They make a great team and have a great dynamic.

Right at the beginning we find out that Dash, Blake, John and Paul hunt tornadoes on Tornado Alley. But not only that: all four of them are being filmed for their very own reality TV show (which reminded me a little of East of Redemption). They signed a one year contract in which they are being filmed hunting tornadoes and if the producer gets his way also their private lifes.

Seeing all for of them on Tornado Alley was exciting. Thanks to Molly, who always does a great job researching her books, it almost felt as if I was there with them (I really want to watch a tornado documentary now!).
As in typical Molly-Style, she did another cross-over. This time with Edge of Recovery, a “Love on The Edge” novella she released just a few months ago. It was great to finally see the other side of the story. You guys don’t need to read the novella first, though. But if you do read it beforehand, you may want to read Edge of Bliss even more. 🙂

Sometimes I felt there was a little bit too much drama going on, especially the storyline with Dash’s past. I was also surprised to learn that he has three sisters! Were they ever mentioned in Edge of Chaos?
The ending of the novel was so romantic and oh so good! It was perfect and had the right amount of cheese. I loved it!

This novel is not only for Molly fans. If you love adventures, a little romance and some drama, then this novel is perfect for you – but don’t forget to read Edge of Chaos first!
I’m really excited for Molly’s next novel in this series – at least I hope there is a next novel! Molly covered the wind, the water, the land, maybe she’s going to write a novel about fire? I can’t wait to find out, though!

Lots of bookish love,
Sabrina ♥

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