A Heart of Time – Review

heartA Heart of Time is a contemporary romance novel by Shari J. Ryan.
Hunter and Ellie: best friends since they were five; lovers since high school; husband and wife since right after graduation. Now at 25 they are about to become first-time parents. But due to complications, Ellie dies while giving birth to their daughter and now Hunter is faced to raise her all on his own. But Ellie wouldn’t be Ellie if she hadn’t thought of something selfless before leaving this world: with donating her heart, she gave one particular woman another chance at life. A woman who seems to know all about Hunter, but the only thing Hunter knows about her is that she is the recipient of Ellie’s heart. So how will he manage to meet the woman if he doesn’t even know her name, let alone what she looks like?

The book started off on a rather sad and depressing note but it was quickly forgotten upon learning what a great dad Hunter has become. Thanks to him, his parents and his younger brother, Olive has grown into a lovely, chatty and witty smarty-pants.
It was eandearing to see Hunter struggle as a single-parent, because of how often he didn’t know how to handle certain situations. But let’s be honest: what parents do? 😀 Hunter worried so much that it seemed Olive was “raising” him rather than the other way round:

Don’t worry, Daddy. I’m going to be okay today. And so will you. I made you lunch and breakfast. And I plugged your phone into the charger because the battery bar turned red.

Hunter struggled to get over Ellie’s death – even after five years, but that quickly changed when Charlotte came into the picture. And not only her daughter and Olive became best friends, Charlotte and Hunter seemed to hit it off as well. To me, their relationship lacked of emotion and feelings, which is more or less the mystery woman’s fault. She carried Ellie’s heart and it didn’t help that she contacted him frequently and told him about the heart. Hunter couldn’t focus on Charlotte at all and was more interested in finding out who the mystery woman was. I felt really bad for Charlotte because she really wanted to be with Hunter. But it quickly turned into a love triangle, and if you add Hunter’s brother’s involvement, too, then we have some kind of a love rectangle.
The story had a lot of unnecessary drama and too many revelations for my taste. Unfortunately, it was confusing to keep up with of all of that.
But despite all of that, I really loved the fact that A Heart of Time was written in Hunter’s POV. It was refreshing to read a story from a male perspective for a change.

Remember this as you go through life: sometimes we have choices and other times we don’t. It’s the times that we do when we should always consider the path that might be less traveled by – it might just make all of the difference. Live on the edge, Hunt, live like there’s no tomorrow and you won’t ever have regrets. Trust me.

Happy Reading,
Sabrina ♥

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