Our Tips for Making Time to Read in the New Year

reading“Wow, you read 100 books last year?”
“I never have time to read.”
“How can you read so many books?”

We often hear those questions and comments from people when we tell them how much we read. Is it a lot? Yes. Is it too much? No. When you love reading just as much as we do, then it’s never going to be enough. We are the kind of people who have to read a lot because when we don’t, we get antsy and a little crazy.
When people tell us they never have the time to read, we always tell them that this is not true. Everyone has time to read, people usually don’t know how to make time for it. With this being said, here are our tips for making time to read:

  1. Take a book with you everywhere you go.  In our society, there are always moments of waiting. Waiting for our food at a restaurant, waiting to get our oil changed, waiting for kids to get out of school, for class to start, or let’s be honest, even in the bathroom. In those moments when you are tempted to reach for you phone to scroll through Facebook, pull out your book/Kindle instead.
  2. Read every night before bed.  Make a vow to read 30 minutes before bed every night. It gives our bodies the opportunity to get relaxed and wind down before bed better than TV or, again, social media. If you are reading on a screen, choose the inverted text color option to avoid the harsh white light. Often times I find I can’t keep my eyes open much longer than 30 minutes, unless the story is really captivating.  I’ve been able to get much better rest than ever before and sometimes even dream about my current read.
  3. Read during commercial breaks. This is another example of fitting reading in during wasted time. Do we really need to see all of the products society is peddling?  We know what Walmart is selling and we know what car dealerships have to offer and where to go if we’re in the market. Use that time to stimulate your brain or get lost in a fictional reality!
  4. Listen to Audiobooks.  I’m not the biggest fan of audiobooks because I find my mind drifting to other things if my hands are not busy or holding a book, but they can be wonderful for road trips.  Even if you find yourself with a short commute to work each morning and home in the evening, those few minutes can allow you a little listening time.  I have also found I enjoy listening to audiobooks while I cook or clean.  It’s a great way to tune out the noise and chaos that comes with young children, too!
  5. Read in a café. I usually read in my bedroom but every so often I get bored and need a change of scenery. That’s when I grab my Kindle and head to the nearest café. I order my favorite soy latte and start reading. And no, it’s not weird to sit in a café by yourself to read a book. I see so many people doing it and you should give it a try as well. Besides reading and drinking coffee, you can do some people watching, too. 😉
  6. Read during free periods at University. As a student myself I can confirm that we have a lot to do these days: homework, essays, exams, group projects etc. But it’s important to say “Screw it!” from time to time and have a break from all the stress. So instead of heading home during a free period to take a nap (because no student heads home to do housework! 😉 ), go to the Uni’s cafeteria, order a hot drink and read a few chapters in your book. That way you will be relaxed and can conquer the rest of the busy Uni day.
  7. Buddy-read with friends.  We try to read a book we’re both interested in together every few months.  This makes books go by so fast because we are able to discuss them with each other and have the accountability to finish the book in a timely manner.  Find a friend or two and get to reading!

As you can see, there are several moments within the day holding little pockets of unused time.  Find those moments within your own life, and you’ll be well on your way through your to-be-read list.  Let us know if any of these tips have helped you, or any others that may benefit aspiring readers!

Lots of bookish love,
♥ Ashley & Sabrina ♥


4 thoughts on “Our Tips for Making Time to Read in the New Year

Add yours

  1. Even during my busy semester last year I found time to read. I would take 30-60 minute breaks in between completing assignments to relax and read for fun. I think that when we tell ourselves we don’t have time to read we’re just lacking the motivation 😦

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  2. I always read during commercial breaks. Especially if I’m watching something like Big Bang theory where going over the time a little to finish a page is never too bad. I also never leave the house without a book in my hand, you never know when your going to get in some good reading time. Great tips!

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