Matched – Review

img_7965editedWhat happens when the society controls every aspect of your life: where you work, who you love, how many children you have, when you die.
Cassia lives in a society like that. On her seventeenth birthday she is about to meet her Match: her perfect partner in life – chosen by the Society. While she is happy with the Society’s decision at first, she can’t help but fall in love with someone else: someone who is not even eligible to be matched, according to the Society. And that is when she starts to question their motives and rules. As both try to hide their feelings from the Society and their friends, Cassia tries to fight for independence to make her own decisions and choices. But what happens when the Society is always a step a ahead of you?

Ally Condie created an interesting new dystopian world with this novel.Chapter by chapter the story revealed new bits of information and how it is to live in Cassia’s society. It was honestly a bit disturbing and I can’t imagine living in a world where everyone and everything is dictated by the government. When I say everything, I mean everything. It is bad enough that the Society tells people where to work and what to eat, but telling them who to love, when to have kids, and how many is just wrong. But the worst thing is, the people don’t question it. But why should they in all honesty? Generations before them lived by the rules too, so how would they even consider the Society being wrong? They know what’s best for everyone: there is peace, enough food, no diseases, free-time. To maintain the piece throughout society, there are consequences for people who don’t follow the rules.

There are two people in Cassia’s life that make her start questioning the Society and their rules. It all starts with her grandpa who slips her a piece of paper with dangerous information. She doesn’t know how to handle it until she confides in Ky. He is the main reason she wants to change the world they live in. She wants to make her own decisions once and for all.

Although Condie’s story of living in a world totaly controlled by the government, a heroine finding the courage to change it and falling in love with someone who wasn’t on her radar seemed intriguing and full of suspense, it was barely there. The first half of the novel was very slow paced which I am not used to. Nothing major happens and I had the feeling that I was stuck. Fortunately, after the halfway point, the story picked up more speed. More revelations were revealed and more and more questions were answered that appeared in the beginning of the book. The revelations regarding the Society were shocking and I’m keen on finding out more about it in Crossed.

Lots of bookish love,

Note: Matched is the first part of a trilogy and ends with a cliffhanger.

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