Dark Hearts – Review

dark-hearts-ebook-coverNovalee Clarke is a loner at heart: she always was and she always will be – or so she thought. But since becoming close friends with Jace Kensington – a loner at heart himself – she notices that things begin to change. Instead of keeping to herself, she reaches out to Jace. Nova slowly but steady begins to open up and tells him things she has never told anyone before. Jace sees her – the real her. It’s easy being herself around him for once and not thinking about her past. But as Jace and Nova’s feelings to one another become stronger, Nova’s past catches up with her. Will Jace be able to overcome his own demons to be there for Nova?

“The Light in the Dark”-series started off on a rather tragic and real note with Rae of Sunshine. When Stars Collide was lighter and fun. With Dark Hearts, Micalea Smeltzer created a powerful and strong third novel. The story was powerful and strong just as much as the names of the characters. I’m not someone who pays too much attention to character names. I usually rant about them (especially in new adult novels) because most of the authors these days try to be a tad bit too original and crazy. The names of the main characters in Dark Hearts are original and not something you would hear everyday, but “Novalee Clarke” and “Jacen Kensington” are such powerful names, they fit the characters in the story to a T.
Both Nova and Jace were far from having an easy and carefree childhood and they still carry the weight of their pasts with them. In front of their friends they try to hide their feelings as much as they can but when Nova and Jace are together, they see all of each other: the real Nova and the real Jace.

I see you. I always have.
– Jace

From the very first page Jace and Nova had some seriously great chemistry and that didnt’t change throughout the book. They were so much in tune it was almost creepy but at the same time oh-so-great to watch. I had butterflies reading their scenes. Individually, they appeared strong and confident, but together they were even stronger. They were both fortunate to have found in another.

‘Confession’, I begin, ‘I used to think happy endings were overrated.’
-‘And now?’
‘I’m looking at mine.’

I could definitely see myself in both characters: although they loved their loud and sometimes obnoxious friends, they needed time for themselves: time to think, time to read or just charge their batteries. And since both were cut from the same cloth, they loved to spend their alone time with each other – if that makes sense to you. They were fine without talking for a while; the presence of the other in the room or next door was enough.

After the rather, in my eyes, weak second novel When Stars Collide, Micalea created a page-turning, real and romantic third novel. The story has some unexpected turns which were definitely not predictable at all. The incident in the end however was a little too much in my eyes. It came out of nowhere and it felt both forced and rushed. It could’ve been left out easily.

I really loved Nova and Jace and I am a little sad that their book is over already. I can’t wait to see them in Micalea’s fouth novel When Constellations Form.
This book is the third novel in the “Light in the Dark” series and can be read as a standalone. However, it is recommended to read the two previous novels beforehand.

Lots of bookish love,
Sabrina ♥

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