Chasing Olivia – Review

What do you do when there is a sequel to one of your favorite books with the same main characters? Of course you read it. That's what I did back in August 2015 as well as this month with Chasing Olivia. Trace and Olivia are still together and happier than ever. The obstacles that were... Continue Reading →


Finding Olivia – Review

When I picked up Finding Olivia for the very first time in August 2015, I had never heard of that book, that series or even that author before. The blurb, however, sounded interesting enough and why not give another indie author like Micalea Smeltzer a chance? And believe it or not, but this book here... Continue Reading →

Background Music – Review

As a huge fan of J.R. Rogue's poetry, I was eager to get my hands on her upcoming novel Background Music. Her writing has opened my world to a love and enjoyment of poetry I have never experienced before. I trust her ability as an author to make me feel her words, and I was prepared... Continue Reading →

Dearest Clementine – Review

People say "The third time's a charm" and they are absolutely right when it comes to Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin. And no, it is not that I finally finished the novel on the third attempt, because it was so bad. It is rather the opposite actually: it was my third time reading this story,... Continue Reading →

Preston’s Honor – Review

Mia Sheridan can always be counted on to craft beautiful, intense love stories, and she does not disappoint with Preston's Honor.  Out of the wonderful 17 books I've read in 2017 thus far, Preston's Honor is my favorite.  I was drawn in from the first chapter, immediately making it a book I didn't want to... Continue Reading →

Mists of the Serengeti – Review

Mists of the Serengeti is not the typical book I would ditch my TBR pile for. However, after a friend gifted me this book and I saw the overwhelming number of positive reviews, I decided to jump in.  This book had everything I look for in a story-- beautiful writing, plenty of emotions, educational moments, and... Continue Reading →

God-Shaped Hole – Review

When Tarryn Fisher recommends a book, I read it, like a good little sheeple should. I've had God-Shaped Hole on my TBR for a while, but when I saw Tarryn and Tiffanie's live Facebook video a couple of weeks ago I bought it, finally. Now let me start by saying, I cannot give this book a star-rating. It doesn't feel right... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Letters – Review

Staci Hart's newest novel, A Thousand Letters, is unlike her previous releases. Whereas the "Bad Habits" series and the standalone "Wasted Words" have been on the fun side, A Thousand Letters was more angsty and emotional. During one fateful night seven years ago, Elliott made the hardest decision of her life and changed not only... Continue Reading →

Release Day of A Thousand Letters!

"Lyrical, heartbreaking, and emotionally intense, A THOUSAND LETTERS is a beautiful portrait of an undying love that deserves a second chance." — Melanie Harlow, USA Today Bestselling Author A Thousand Letters, an all-new emotional standalone by Staci Hart is LIVE!!! Sometimes your life is split by a single decision. I’ve spent every day of the... Continue Reading →

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