Anything You Can Do – Review

coverTo me, RS Grey is a genius. She can write about absolutely anything and it’s certainly going to be a success. Her previous works range from soccer and olympic romances, romantic holiday getaways in Italy and an epic roadtrip through Texas. With Anything You Can Do, Grey created another great novel that definitely will join her other successful ones. This book is not her first romantic comedy but the first one for me.
The story features Daisy and Lucas, nemeses ever since they were born. Now, at 28, they are both successful doctors and seize a chance in taking over a private practice in their hometown of Hamilton, Texas. As far as Daisy is concerned, Lucas is not part of the plan. She wants to take over the practice all by herself and is willing to do everything to make Lucas leave the practice and Hamilton for good. And Lucas? Well, he has his own little devious plan.

I had a great time reading AYCD. Daisy was hilarious; her thoughts were witty and brilliant at the same time. There was not one thing I didn’t love about her quirky personality. Being a badass doctor however didn’t help her all the time: Her often too eager and determined nature brought her in many awkward and funy situations. But honestly, that flaw made her even more adorable.
Lucas was THE perfect guy: Charming, very good-looking and attentive. Since he and Daisy have been at war from the very beginning of their lifes, he knew how to handle her and did not take sh*t from Daisy at all.
Both of them had great chemistry, you could literally feel the sparks flying between them. I also loved their witty banter. It was obvious to the outsiders (and the readers) that Lucas and Daisy have known each other for a long time. They may have been apart for 11 years, but that didn’t stop them from continuing their “war” from the minute they set eyes on each other again.

The book is written in Daisy’s POV but the reader also gets short glimpses in Lucas’s POV. I won’t tell you how exactly but it’s adorable. It makes you fall in love with Lucas even more.
Anything You Can Do is not only for RS Grey fans. This novel is the perfect weekend read for anyone who loves good romance and comedy.

Happy Reading,
Sabrina ♥

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