Crossed – Review

Note: This review may contain spoilers for those of you who haven’t read Matched yet.

img_8196-editedKy was taken away by the Society. After discovering that he has been brought to the Outer Provinces to fight against the enemy, Cassia risks everything to find him. But the way to the Outer Provinces is dangerous and Cassia needs help. She joins forces with an Aberration girl who is set on finding the rebellion. But is the girl trustworthy? And does the rebellion even exist? And will she ever be reunited with Ky again?

Crossed starts off about three months after Cassia and her family were brought to a different town and Ky was brought away to the Outer Provinces. Instead of only Cassia’s POV, Ally Condie decided to write this novel in a dual POV. This way, the reader was able to learn the happenings of Ky as well as Cassia, which I liked.

Although Matched started off rather slowly but gathered pace after the halfway point, I was excited to dive into Crossed. Book one also left me with a cliffhanger, so I had to find out Ky’s and Cassia’s fate for sure. The book has a total of 367 pages (paperback) and in those 367 pages nothing happens. It was a back and forth from location A to B to C, then back to B, then C again, then B, C and then they finally made it to D. There was no progress whatsoever and the story could’ve easily been told in 100 pages max. The plot was way too long-winded, slow and dragging. As this book was already number two in a trilogy, I would’ve expected more action and more happenings. I was really disappointed with the outcome, unfortunately.
The ending of this book was disspointing, too. Yes, there is a cliffhanger, but it didn’t make me want to pick up book three in this series right then and there.

If you read book one in this trilogy, you probably remember the two poems Ky and Cassia were talking about all the time. Unfortunately, Matched provided us only with snippets of them, we never had the chance to read the complete versions. In Crossed, however, both poems were printed in full at the very beginning of the story. Read the poems carefully; as in Matched the poems play an important role.
The general idea of bringing poetry in a dystopian is great, but I personally don’t like poems very much. Especially those you don’t understand, even though you read them at least ten times. With that being said I think that the story focused too much on the poems.
I liked the fact that Condie printed a map of the Cavings, the Outer Provinces and a few other spots in the book. Most of the story is set there and you could easily picture the characters being out there.

Reading Crossed made me reconsider reading Reached, the final installment in this trilogy. I probably will read it at one point but I can’t bring myself to do it now. I will give this series a rest for now and will pick it up in a few months time.

Note: Crossed is the second book in the Matched trilogy and should only be picked up after having read Matched.

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  1. I’m grateful for your honest review. “The book has a total of 367 pages (paperback) and in those 367 pages nothing happens.” I thought the same thing!!! 🙌​ I like Ally Condie too and liked Matched. Just being honest. 😬​ Thanks for the review!

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