A Thousand Letters – Review

cover-ebook-atlStaci Hart‘s newest novel, A Thousand Letters, is unlike her previous releases. Whereas the “Bad Habits” series and the standalone “Wasted Words” have been on the fun side, A Thousand Letters was more angsty and emotional.
During one fateful night seven years ago, Elliott made the hardest decision of her life and changed not only hers but also Wade’s life forever. Without having talked or seen the other in all those years, sad cicumstances force Wade and Elliot back together. Having to deal with each other again is  not easy and neither of them knows how to act around the other anymore. He clearly has changed and Elliot is not the same she was seven years ago either. Can they start all over? Can they forgive the other for all the pain they have caused each other?

All Staci Hart books I’ve read so far are set in the most amzing city of the world: New York City and I freaking love it! It brings back so many memories, as I spent two years of my life there, or rather every weekend for two years. I actually lived in a small town in New Jersey and the City was only a 10 min car ride away. Yes, New Jersey! And you know what? I loved it! 🙂 But back to the book!

A Thousand Letters is an emotional roller coaster from the first page until the very end. It contains angst, old feelings, sad moments, manipulative family members and a lot of drama. What sounds a little bit too overwhelming at first, actually isn’t. Staci Hart manages to wrap up all the above mentioned aspects in a perfect way.
Hart’s figurative story-telling, which was a tad bit too much sometimes, conveys all the feels of both characters (dual POV) and there is no other way for the reader but to suffer with them.
Elliot and Wade have a long history of love and heartbreak. Wade has become a rather stubborn person and likes to keep his feelings bottled up instead of talking about them with Elliot. Whereas Wade is stubborn and closed off, Elliot wants to make everyone happy but forgets her own feelings and wishes along the way. She puts everyone but herself first which brings her down mentally piece by piece.
Although they had their issues with one another, Wade and Elliot had amazing chemistry. Their love was raw and real and Hart conveyed it in just the right way. I also loved the way how Hart described the few love scenes: they were not descriptive at all which gave the book an even more serious feeling.

Poetry plays an important role for Elliott but also for the story itself. I don’t like poetry too much myself, so I was glad it didn’t take over the entire book. Every chapter started off  with a small poem that fitted the content of it perfectly. Those small poems actually have another signifcant role, which is revealed at the very end of the novel. I was positively surprised and it gave the book something unique.
Another interesting aspect of this novel is the Jane Austen inspiration behind it. “Wasted Words” was inspired by “Emma”, A Thousand Letters by “Persuasion”. Although I’ve never read a Jane Austen novel myself (shame on me), Staci Hart makes me want to pick up one soon!
And what is a Staci Hart novel without a crossover with one of her previous novels. ♥ I won’t spoil anything, you have to find out yourself what novel made the cut this time. 🙂

Happy Reading,
Sabrina ♥

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