Chasing Olivia – Review

Chasing Olivia 2What do you do when there is a sequel to one of your favorite books with the same main characters? Of course you read it. That’s what I did back in August 2015 as well as this month with Chasing Olivia.
Trace and Olivia are still together and happier than ever. The obstacles that were thrown at them in the past, made their bond even stronger. But after two years, the fearless adventurers are replaced with an “old married couple”. To get their spark back, Trace and Olivia are headed on a roadtrip of a lifetime. But is it just a roadtrip to get their spark back or does Trace have some hidden agenda? Nevertheless, Olivia can’t wait to escape her “soap opera life” for a few weeks, but unfortunately one can only run away from reality for so long.

I love roadtrips. Period. I have been on a few myself in the past and the next will begin in just a few days actually. Yay! Roadtrips make me think of freedom: it’s just your car, your friend(s) (or boy/girlfriend), the road and some great music. You are totally free to go wherever you want and stop wherever you want. Trace and Olivia did just that. Besides a few planned stops down the road, the rest was done on a whim. And let me tell you, they both did some crazy, fun and also surprising things on their way up north. I visited two of the spots Trace and Olivia went to and it was great to see the sights through their eyes. I am glad Micalea Smeltzer chose a roadtrip theme for this sequel.

Just like the first novel, this one is solely written in Olivia’s POV. I can’t make up my mind if I like alternate POV’S better or not, but the single POV worked absolutely fine here – although I sometimes wished I knew what Trace was thinking about. :’D
Whereas both novels were mostly fun and adventurous and Finding Olivia had an added angsty feature, Chasing Olivia was overshadowed by sad and distressing happenings.

Oliva was a totally different person compared to the first novel. Gone was the shy, naive and totally clumsy young woman. Olivia was fun and quite witty which I really liked. But you had to be when having to deal with a “child” like Trace. I’m all about not growing up and having fun and being silly but he was just too much at times. But Trace could also be very deep and emotional which made me swoon:

I would go to the ends of the earth for you, because I love you and when someone owns your heart, like you do mine, you don’t let them go.

One could see that Trace and Olivia spent the last two years together, as they appeared as a very experienced team. Unfortunately, a lot of their banter was too repetitive throughout the book with only a slight change of wording. I got bored after the third time and stopped counting after the fifth.
Luckily, Avery, the annoying best friend, didn’t have too any appearances. But when she appeared, she was her usual annoying and miss-know-it-all self.

And what would a story be without Trace’s beloved plaid shirts? … Have I not mentioned that in my Finding Olivia review? So here it goes: Trace loves plaid. Trace loves plaid shirts so much, it’s the only thing he wears along with white wife-beaters (why the heck are they called wife-beaters anyway?!). Have I told you that I have an unhealthy love for plaid shirts? I’m not kidding when I say that I bought most of my plaid shirts after reading those novels. Trace seriously rubbed off on me! It is like I am drawn to them when I’m in a clothing store! Thanks for that Trace and Micalea! 😀

Happy Reading,
Sabrina ♥

P.S. If you still can’t get enough of Trace and Olivia, click here for some bonus scenes. But be aware that all of them contain spoilers, so please read Finding Olivia and Chasing Olivia first.

chasing-oliviaUPDATE: Chasing Olivia and the rest of the “Trace + Olivia” series underwent a complete make-over. The stories are newly edited and each book were given a new set of covers. As of September 22nd, 2017 the following cover is not available anymore:

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