The Allure of Dean Harper – Shared Review

IMG_9264editedAfter reading The Allure of Julian Lefray, Ashley and I had to pick up The Allure of Dean Harper immediately. Because what is not to like about a sexy, fun, charming and successful bachelor in New York City?

As a restaurateur in NYC, Dean has opened up many successful restaurants over the past few years. For his new opening, he has his hands full again, which unfortunately has less to do with the new restaurant but more with one of his crew-members: Lily Black, food blogger, culinary school graduate and best friend of his best friend Julian’s girlfriend. With reluctance, Dean had to bring her on board and he is determined to get her off board as soon as possible. But Lily is not easily intimidated. She is hell-bent on showing Dean who the real food-guru is, even if it means war.

As in Grey’s previous book, The Allure of Dean Harper has some witty, clever and hilarious conversations and monologues.

“Lily! Open up!”
Oh shit. The police?
It wasn’t until my name was yelled a second time that I registered the familiar deep voice.
Dean motherf***ing Harper was at my apartment. I’d preferred the cops.

However, toward the end it all felt a little over the top and intended.

Dean was a secondary character in The Allure of Julian Lefray and I couldn’t wait to learn more about this guy. He was so fun and charming in the previous book. Unfortunately, Dean was not appealing in “his” own book anymore. He was the total opposite of the guy I got to know in the first one: he was moody, arrogant, mean and cruel.
Even Lily was different. Of course she pushed Dean’s buttons whenever and wherever she could and in the beginning it was fun to watch but the immature and childish games they played with one another were annoying after a while.

I usually enjoy a good love-hate-relationship but this one was just not for me.
The ending of the book, however, was sweet and swoon-worthy but still unusual for two characters who hated each other so much in the beginning.
A lot of readers enjoyed this book even more than the first, but I would definitely pick The Allure of Julian Lefray over The Allure of Dean Harper anytime. But read the books yourself and let Ashley and me know what you think of it.


I have to agree with Sabrina’s opinion on this one. While I loved Dean in Julian’s book and couldn’t wait to dive in to this story, I was a little disappointed with what a jerk Dean could be in this book, whether Lily brought it out in him or not.  I love a good hate to love story, but I felt as if the hate aspect dragged on a little long, unfortunately. Maybe if at the halfway point in the story the two could have slowly started acting a little kinder to one another I would have savored it more. The characters seemed immature and acted like they were in a playground romance. I know plenty of reviewers enjoyed the heated banter, but I couldn’t stop thinking of how they’re relationship would end in divorce if it were real life. 😉 I suppose I hope for more chemistry between my characters, even if they hate each other from the get-go.

However, my annoyance with the characters is only based on my taste in what I enjoy in a story, and does not reflect my opinion of R.S. Grey‘s writing. As always, this book had hilarious moments that had me cracking up and was written in a way that made me wanting more after every chapter. The ending of this book was super sweet and worth the agony of the two main characters’ lack of communication. I also enjoyed catching up on Jo and Julian’s current life through their friends’ story. Character tie-ins are one of my favorites things to experience while reading. Overall this book was good, but didn’t live up to the challenge of being as great as The Allure of Julian Lefray, in my opinion. Jo was the ideal female lead, Julian was practically perfect – thats’s a tough act to follow. Sorry Dean and Lily.


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