Confess – Review

IMG_9678editedColleen Hoover is without a doubt one of my favorite authors. I found out about her and her books through a book recommendation column on my favorite German radio station in 2014 while still living in the US. Ha! I didn’t know that that particular recommendation would affect me and my love for reading so much. Sure, I was an avid reader back then (at least that’s how I saw myself as, since I read about 7 or 8 books a year), but finding out about Colleen and that genre tenfolded my book reading number. Maybe I should write a thank you note to that radio station? πŸ™‚
Everytime Colleen announces a new book, it goes to my TBR straightaway. I don’t need a blurb or a cover; it’s Colleen Hoover, so of course I will read her new release. What CoHort wouldn’t? Confess, which was released in March 2015, was one of those books. Almost two years later, the novel was picked up for a scripted TV show by Awestruck and – guess what?! – it releases today! Yay!
In honor of today’s release, I decided to re-read Confess and publish this review for you. I made it as spoiler-free as I could.

Auburn Reed just moved to Dallas, Texas to get her shattered life back on track but it is harder than she thought. That is until she meets Owen Gentry, a Dallas-based artist who owns the art gallery “Confess”. She is mesmerized by him in an instant and decides to listen to her heart for once. But Owen has a secret that can not only destroy their relationship but also Auburn’s life and everything she loves.

Insta-love is always a tricky thing with me: there are books with insta-love I liked and then there are books with insta-love I didn’t like very much. Unfortunately, Confess was the latter. I can’t put it into words but there was something that put me off, something that made it unbelievable, but that’s just my personal opinion.
The overall story was sad and tragic and I felt sorry for Auburn. She was young and naive and put her faith in the wrong people. I wished she had someone who guided her back then. I was also upset with her for not standing up for herself more. I know it’s hard to say something like that when I haven’t been in her shoes but there is only so much shit a person can take from someone else. I would’ve reached my breaking point way before she did. That’s why I’m glad she met Owen. He showed her what it meant to be strong and stand up for herself. Maybe that was all she needed: a little push of “fate”. πŸ˜‰
Although Owen’s life is everything but easy (he stil struggles with the consequences of something that happened 5 years ago), he sacrificed everything to help his family and Auburn. She definitely found a great guy.
The ending of the story, however, left me unsatisfied. It seemed Colleen had to rush toward a happy ending. Also, there was this one particular thing Owen did or rather didn’t do that I didn’t like. To me, Owen kept something major from her and I didn’t like how this was the end.

All of Colleen Hoover’s novels are unique and each one of them features something special. In the past those special features included for example slam poetry or a music-writing colaboration with singer-songwriter Griffin Peterson.
Confess was all about the art. For this, Colleen colaborated with artist Danny O’Connor. His paintings were printed as small black-and-white pictures along the storyline as well as colored medium high-quality page prints in the middle of the book.
Also, how beautiful and artsy is the cover of the novel? The pink and blue create a fantastic contrast with the white background. (Have you noticed the face on the cover inside the letters “ESS”?)
The title of the book hints at another unique feature from inside the book and I don’t mean the name of Owen’s art gallery. This feature has “Colleen” written all over it and I love it. I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t had the chance to read Confess yet, so you have to find out yourself. πŸ™‚

Although I couldn’t connect to the story like I hoped I would, it still has some fantastic and touching scenes to make it a nice and typical “Colleen” book. And of course I’m curious to see how the TV show turned out. And this is my cue to stop the review and start watching the show. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy reading the book as well as watching the TV show,
Sabrina β™₯

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE – English Copy
Amazon DE – German Copy


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