Edge of Brotherhood – Shared Review

The “Love on the Edge” series by Molly E. Lee is full of adventure, thrill and lots of adrenaline. Molly took us storm chasing twice in Oklahoma, treasure hunting in Israel and deep sea diving in the Bahamas. This time, she takes us on an even bigger adventure: we are about to discover the Amazon rainforest. And not only Easton will be there. Dash, Connell and the girls are on board too! Yes! You read correctly! All the guys in one novel! How cool is that? But it gets even better: Molly introduces us to a new man on the edge. Wade is a stuntman and this adventure will be his and the guys’ biggest yet.

Easton is certain that he found the lost city of Paititi in the Amazon rainforest. The production company of his TV show takes this as an opportunity to air a special series of the discovery. For the next leg of his expedition, Easton now needs experienced and skilled crew members to help him uncover the treasures hidden in the half submerged temple. For that, the production company hired storm chaser Dash, deep sea diver Connell and stuntman Wade. All four men need to work together and combine their individual skills in order to survive in the jungle. But this is easier said than done since the jungle has its own rules of survival. But is the Amazon jungle really their biggest threat on this mission?

I’ve read all of Molly’s “Love on the Edge” books and with each new novel, she surprises us with yet another adventurous and thrilling storyline.
One of the most exciting things about Molly’s novels are the actual stories behind the stories. There is no doubt that I like all of her books but East of Redemption and now Edge of Brotherhood are a tad more fascinating to me than the others. Of course, storm chasing and deep sea diving are thrilling and awesome too, but there is something about the real places or rumored real places in those novels. There are so many stories about King Solomon’s Temple (East of Redemption) and the City of Gold (Edge of Brotherhood) but not one of those has been proven accurate. I think it’s great that Molly took it upon herself to “discover” those places in her books although they haven’t been discovered in real life yet. I don’t know how Molly comes up with her stories and how she even knows about all of those places (maybe I should start watching Discovery Channel? 😀 ), but I’m glad she does.
However, the adventure side of the story as well as the exploration of Paititi was too short for me. The characters only explored the site for three chapters tops, the rest of the time they had to deal with other stuff. Sure, that stuff was adventurous too but it was not the kind of adventure I had in mind. I hoped for something like traps inside the temple or encounters with the protectors of the site.

We’ve met the guys in their individual books and in their respective elements. They are used to calling the shots when working alone, but they had to learn to work together and depend on someone they just met a few days ago. It was great to see how well the guys adapted to one another and became friends easily.
I was also positively surprised by the quadruple POV of all four guys.
The story had one surprising element toward the middle/end of the story. I really didn’t see it coming and I was surprised but also shocked by the outcome.

Nevertheless, Edge of Brotherhood is a nice book you should all read, especially if you’ve read the previous books.
If you are new to this series and want to read this novel, please make sure to read the other books in the series first. This one has a few flashbacks of earlier missions and adventures and I don’t want you to miss out on them.

Sabrina ♥

As always, I love reading Molly’s adventurous stories.  I look forward to the books in the “Love on the Edge” series because I can count on them to take me to a faraway place, and allow me to learn about new things, all while containing a sweet and romantic plot. Molly’s writing covers a huge spectrum of topics flawlessly, and her books are always thoroughly researched.

As soon as I heard about this book I knew I had to read it as quickly as I could.  One of my absolute favorite things about this series is to see the characters from previous books surprisingly tied in and connected to the new book’s characters.  Edge of Brotherhood gives readers all of that an then some!  It was great to catch up again with Easton, Rain, Sadie, Connell, Dash, and Blake, along with meeting the new guy, Wade.  Molly’s ability to bring all of the guys talents to the table for the mission at hand was exceptionally awesome.

Wade is easily going to steal readers’ hearts with his witty personality that often pokes fun of himself.

“Jumping up, I did what any man would do.  The f—ing heebie-jeebies dance. After a few spins, I was certain none of the demon’s offspring were on me…”

At first he comes across as a loose cannon, but quickly earns his keep with the guys who form this amazing brotherhood.  Without Wade, the book wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining. Lucky for us, we get to fall in love with this crazy stuntman and catch up with him again in Molly’s upcoming book, which will reveal some of the secrets about Wade’s past I’m dying to learn.  I have a sneaking suspicion some of the previous fellas we’ve come to love in this series may make an appearance after the bond they formed in Edge of Brotherhood.

The only negative I found in this story, besides the occasional cheesy comments from the guys about their girls (sometimes we need a little cheese), was the action at Easton’s treasure site wasn’t quite as fleshed out as I hoped it would be.  The adventure came from another unexpected aspect of the story instead, which left the ending of the story less than exciting, in my opinion.

If you have yet to read this series, start with Edge of Chaos and be ready for a wild ride.  I am anxiously awaiting the adventures to come in the future!

♥ Ashley

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