Paper Fools – Review

IMG_9771editedFormerly known as Deer in Headlights, Staci Hart has completely rewritten and re-edited the story and re-released it under a new cover and new name: Paper Fools.
Deer in Headlights has been waiting on my TBR for ages. The re-release of Paper Fools was the perfect opportunity to finally dive into the world of Greek Gods and New York City.

Aphrodite is the Greek God of Love but don’t you dare ask about her personal love life. It is way too messy and complicated. She would rather focus on a game that the Greek Gods of Olympus love: toying with human hearts. And this time the stakes are higher than ever before.
There is no denying that Lex wants Dean and Dean wants Lex, but they are not supposed to want each other. With wanting Lex, Dean can lose everything he ever worked for in his life. Is he willing to sacrifice that for a chance with her? Lex on the other hand is too afraid to put her heart on the line. And she is certain, if Dean ever breaks her heart, there will be no coming back from it. Will love be worth the risk for her?

Staci’s novel is something I’ve never read before. Paper Fools consists of two completely seperate storylines, that are somehow still connected. One of those stories focuses on Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and the remaining Greek Gods of Olympus. Writing a fictional story about actual Greek Gods living in the present is genius. I have heard of most of the Gods mentioned in the novel and was immediately intrigued by them and their relations to each other. After finishing the novel, I did some research on them and I was positively surprised that every relation, every family relationship and every occurrence between them actually happened – well, at least in the stories of the Greek Mythology.
The second storyline focuses on Lex and Dean who live in New York City. Their encounter is coincidental but I’m pretty sure Aphrodite sees it slightly different. 😉

Staci took the liberty of mixing Greek Mythology with the fictional story of Dean and Lex. I like it when authors take centuries old, real-life stories (or millenia old stories in this case) and transform them into works of fiction. It is certainly a nice change from the standard New Adult novels.
Although the idea of creating two stories within one book is great, the story of Lex and Dean was upstaged by the story of the Greek Gods. As much as I loved to learn about the Gods, their relations and their past, I wished the focus had been more on the couple in New York City. In my opinion, their attraction to one another, their troubled pasts and their insta-love lacked in depths. There is definitely more to Lex and Dean’s story than the one shown in the novel.
Nevertheless, Paper Fools was still a decent read and I look forward to finding out what Aphrodite is up to in the next installment of the “Hearts & Arrow” series.

Lots of bookish love,
Sabrina ♥

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