Revelry – Review

IMG_9835editedEveryone was raving about Kandi Steiner‘s new release, even before it was even available for purchase. So of course I had to buy Revelry and read it too.

Wren Ballard is a successful Seattle based fashion designer. Her love life, however, is anything but successful: she is 27 and freshly divorced. To free her mind of the past few months, she decides to spend the summer in the mountains just outside of Seattle. Wren finds the perfect place to stay and the people in town make her feel welcome immediately. Well, not all of them. Her broody and good-looking neighbor seems not to care about Wren at all. But Anderson Black does not only care about her, he doesn’t really care about anyone in town. He is lost and has his own demons to fight, this is why he can’t deal with someone else’s problems on top of his. But this all changes when he comes face to face with Wren. Sometimes you need to get lost in order to find yourself.

Although extremely successful in fashion, Wren is a broken person. I felt really bad for her and I still don’t understand why no one believed her when she said that her marriage was anything but happy. She clearly tried to save her marriage but even that was not enough for her now ex-husband, he still made her feel small and unimportant. No one deserves to be treated like that and I’m glad that she put an end to all of this. Wren should be happy that she had the people in town to lean on to.

Wren and Anderson’s relationship was a slow process. Of course there was an instant attraction but both didn’t give in until a few weeks into Wren’s stay which made it more believable. The relationship, however, suffered from a few setbacks: there were Wren’s insecurities for one as well as Anderson’s problems from his past. For the past seven years, Anderson didn’t live, he only existed. He punished himself for things he did and said. Both Anderson and Wren had to overcome their struggles and lucky for them they had the people in town as well as each other to lean on to.

Every new chapter in this novel starts with a simple word, the phonetic spelling as well as a short meaning. But the words not only reflect the chapters themselves. Kandi’s idea to use those words has another special and unique meaning for the story altogether, which I won’t spoil for you now.

Revelry is all about listening to your heart and not to the people around you. They will gossip about you and your decisions either way. Let them talk, let them gossip, most of them are only jealous because you did something they would never have the courage to because they are too afraid of what others might think. So be yourself and do what makes you happy, because all of us deserve to be happy. ♥

Funny, isn’t it, how often we fight what our hearts try to tell us. We argue with logic, digging our heels in, sure we know what’s best. This is right, we say, this is what I’m supposed to do. We stamp down the loudest voice, the one inside us, choosing to listen to the flurry of those behind us, instead. But it’s not unil that moment we truly listen and obey the very thing that pumps blood into our veins that we really find peace.

Overall, Revelry was a nice read but unfortunately it didnt convince me 100%. The novel wasn’t something I’ve never read before.

Happy Reading,
Sabrina ♥

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