Edge of Regret – Shared Review

IMG_0013editedMolly E. Lee never fails to take her readers to the Edge with her exceptionally adventurous stories, tough leading ladies, and her brave male leads.  We couldn’t wait to read more about Wade after reading about him in Edge of Brotherhood in April.  Molly fed us bits of mystery about his past and left us dying to know him better.  Luckily, Molly writes quickly and didn’t leave us hanging for too long.

Wade Roberts was the hunky and hilarious stuntman that joined our favorite guys from Molly’s previous books in the new E.D.G.E television show.  I think all of Molly’s readers instantly fell for Wade’s sense of humor and haunted past.

We catch up with Wade in Edge of Retreat as he is jumping out of a plane and landing on the set of a movie, when he comes face to face with a literal blast from the past.  His ex, Mackenzie, EOD technician for the Air Force and on site expert for the film Wade is working on as a stuntman, is there to greet him after years away.  Wade is blown away when he sees Mackenzie for the first time since she broke things off with him to enter the Air Force. One thing Mackenzie can’t diffuse are her feelings for Wade, despite her guilt for suddenly ending things before her first deployment.

As a devoted fan of Molly’s books, I’m always eager to see what adventurous career her characters will have. I was not in the least bit disappointed with the stuntman/military combination within the pages. It allowed for double the action and led us through a completely new story-line we had yet to experience with the Edge Series.

The only downfall of this story for me was the predictability of the ending. This could be because I know what to expect of Molly’s books or because I’m a good guesser. 😉 I’m hoping in the next book we will see an unexpected plot twist to add to the excitement of the series.

I’m anxious to see where Molly will take us next.  We’re guessing we just may be headed for adventure with the funder of the E.D.G.E series, billionaire, Casey Williams. Be sure to pick up the first book of the series, Edge of Chaos, if you’ve yet to experience the rush of storm chasing with Blake and Dash. We are big fans of this series, and would love for you to share in the goodness as well!

Happy Reading,
♥ Ashley

After buddy-reading Edge of Brotherhood with Ashley back in April, we both couldn’t wait to get our fingers on Wade’s story. There he was funny, edgy, brave but also a little mysterious and serious. His behavior in the Amazon jungle definitely made me want to get to know him and his story better. Last week, we were finally approved for an ARC of Edge of Regret and we both dived straight into another buddy-read. Yay!

I’m pretty sure that most of the people who have read Edge of Brotherhood, also read the prologue of Edge of Regret at the end of the book. Well, I didn’t. That’s why I was really surprised to learn that Mackenzie joined the military. I know that Wade mentioned something like this during his time in the jungle but I either totally forgot or I didn’t think too much of it. Either way, Mackenzie is in the military and she has one heck of an interesting and difficult, but mostly dangerous job – you go girl! I really like military themed novels (I have read a few in the past) and I really enjoyed this aspect in Edge of Regret.

Wade is still the funny and sarcastic guy we got to love in Edge of Brotherhood. His latest job is to be the stuntman in an upcoming war-thriller movie and work alongside – as he calls her – the ex-love of his life. Since Mackenzie is an expert in all kinds of defusing bombs and other things military, she was brought on set to help make the movie more authentic. Unfortunately, Mackenzie underestimates her being on set. I don’t want to get into too much detail but seeing her there is heartbreaking.

Wade and Mackenzie (which is a really pretty name, btw) don’t have too many fond memories of their last encounter together. The lives they spent separate from one another were also far from sunshine and rainbows: they were full of regret, wrong decisions and even more what ifs. I really enjoyed the way Molly revealed those dark parts of their lives bit by bit to the reader.

I admire Molly’s research skills and she is probably the best researcher there is. 😀 She doesn’t shy away from anything: storm chasers, treasure hunters, deep sea divers and now stuntmen and even EOD operators. Although I had to look up most of the military slang used in the book, I enjoyed learning more about this field in the US military.
When Molly announced Wade’s book, I was not only looking forward to learn more about his past life, I was also looking forward to learn more about his profession as a stuntman. Although this novel had plenty of stuntman related scenes, the focus was primary on Mackenzie and her duty in the military. Since this was Wade’s book I wished Molly would’ve focused more on Wade and a little less on Mackenzie.

Although Edge of Regret had a definite E.D.G.E. theme, it was totally different from what we are used to from Molly. Still, this novel was a worthy follow-up to all the previous ones. It was funny, suspenseful, action-packed and full of love and heartbreak. Besides East of Redemption, this novel is one of my favorites by her.

Happy Reading,
Sabrina ♥

Edge of Regret will release on June 20th! Be sure to pre-order now:

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