Our Dream Reading Space

What would you say about your very own reading space and your very own library in your apartment/house? A place that only belongs to you. A place where you can give your favorite books a home and rearrange them by color, author or genre. Your own safe haven to read, relax and dream. Have you ever thought about such a place? What would it look like? With the help of Pinterest and the Arhaus living room collection, we decided to bring you our individual visions for the perfect reading nook.
Arhaus was founded in 1986 with a passion to provide unique, high quality, well designed home furnishings. Their philosophy was to design their own products, search for the best manufacturer while controlling quality, and bring the furniture direct to their customers. Their product developers travel the globe working directly with skilled artisans to craft pieces that can only be found at Arhaus, ensuring that every Arhaus piece meets their high quality standards.



As a student I can’t be too picky about my living arrangements. I’m currently sharing an apartment with two of my friends. We all have our own separate rDesktop3ooms and share the bathroom and kitchen. It’s always fun and I really enjoy living with them, plus our apartment is actually really nice compared to other student “dumps”. Still, I can’t help but picture myself living all on my own for the first time after graduation, in my very own space. Since I can arrange and decorate the apartment how I want, I’m hoping to build my very own little library and reading space. The room should definitely have a large window, so the room gets as much sunlight as possible. An entire window front would be amazing too. I want the room to be friendly, that’s why I want to stick with white and cream colors. In one of the back corners of the room I would place a large white and comfy slipcovered chair and a white table. There would also be a cotton blanket and some pink throw pillows to not only make it even more comfy but to also bring some color into the room. As for lights, I would put a nice floor lamp close to the chair and I would hang a fancy-looking large scroll ball chandelier from the ceiling.



Collage 3Along the wall opposite the window front would be a long, white two-shelved bookcase. There I would store books and other bookish stuff I have  gathered over the years. On top of the shelf I would arrange pictures, a few plants and even more books. The bare wall over the shelf would be decorated with one large vintage clock and several hanging book shelves around it. On the shelves I would put even more books. The floor would be covered with one large white fluffy rug, so my always cold feet wouldn’t be as cold.

To make the room look a little fairytale-like, I would add several fairy-lights all over the place. That way I can switch between the chandelier, the floor lamp and the fairy lights.


As I was trying to envision the perfect reading space, I began to evaluate what would give me the most joy in my life at the moment. As a mother of three young children, I rarely get much-needed alone time to unwind. Even my moments of reading to relax are frequently interrupted by my tiny dictators. While daydreaming of solitude, I came up with the perfect solution for my introverted personality: a small Victorian-style reading cottage.





I really can’t imagine anything more quiet and cozy. It would feature a front porch for nice weather days, a small fireplace for the ideal cold weather days, and a cute, decorative tea cart with all the essentials to make a cuppa. The back of this single room cottage would feature a window wall to allow plenty of natural light inside.

In the back corner of the cottage, would be my comfortable black and white chair and matching ottoman, along with a super soft hand-knit throw blanket. Beside the chair, the Merle Caned end table in white, holding the Eiffel Tower in lamp-form, with its matching floor lamp behind the chair. To add even more light for those rainy days perfect for curling up with a good book, I would add a Chatelet Chandelier in the middle of the room. Along the walls, rows of statuesque bookshelves featuring all of my favorite novels and book memorabilia from signings. Amid my shelves would be a charming writing desk and chair to allow time and creativity to flow for my other favorite pastime: blogging.chandelier.jpgThe colors inside this cottage would be ultra calming neutrals with hints of blue thrown in for pops of soothing color. The walls would be painted a soft blue, called “Stream” also fromimg_1166 Arhaus. The floors would be a dark walnut wood, with a supple gray area rug to add to the homey feel. Blue striped throw pillows would be interspersed among the seating area, with a single accompanying gray skull pillow to pay homage to my favorite author, Tarryn Fisher’s villainous characters. On the walls not covered with my bookshelves, a collage wall featuring photos of the home of my heart, England. I would enjoy pictures of British architecture, the English countryside, and London. Above my writing desk, a large, vintage world map would hang contributing welcome antique feel to the room.It’s easy for me to be swept away in a daydream of this fairy tale cottage, and imagine joining my family each morning relaxed and refreshed after a great read. I hope the photos can help you visualize what I have in mind and allow you to dream up your perfect reading space. We’d love to hear what pieces you would consider implementing into your own book nook. The options are endless!




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