We Are The Stars – Review

IMG_0144editedIf you have followed my recent reviews, you may recall my blog posts about the “Here’s To” series by Teagan Hunter. As a fan of her work, there was no doubt that I would pick up her recently published novella too.

Being bored with life in general, Elliott is looking for an exciting adventure and Carsen Wheatley, although a cold and angry person since his mother’s death, might be the perfect guy to spice up her summer. But Carsen is everything but happy about it: first he gets flipped off by Elliott, then kneed in the balls and last but not least kissed by her. But Elliott is determined to get her fix through Carsen, even if it’s only temporary.

When writing a novella, you only have a limited number of words that can be used. With those you not only have to create an interesting storyline but also interesting characters that offer insights in their personal lives and give us a glimpse of their past. Even though We Are The Stars has only 160 odd pages, I was satisfied with the story and the charaters. Sure, if Hunter had written a full-length novel, she could’ve gone into even more detail but the story she presented the reader with was enough.

I really enjoyed reading about Carsen & Elliott. Even though they had an odd dynamic going on, they were imperfectly perfect for one other. But you know what couple I enjoyed reading even more about? The boyfriends! How cute were they? Can I please get more of those two? ❤

Apart from the obvious adoration for Carsen & Elliott and the boyfriends, I loved the ending of this novella, particularly the last two chapters. I don’t want to get into too much detail, but the ending is far from the usual. Don’t get me wrong, the novella still does have a HEA, but it’s different, positively different. I totally support Hunter with her decision to end the novel like this. ❤

We Are The Stars is perfect for the summer. And guess what: we will get more Carsen, Elliott and the boyfriends soon! Teagan Hunter is planning on releasing a follow up! Yay!

I walk up to him.
He holds his hand out; I place mine in his.
He leads; I follow.

Lots of bookish love,
Sabrina ♥

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