Where The Road Takes Me – Review

IMG_0215editedJay McLean is a kind of new author to me. I have only read More Than This by her and I absolutely loved it. Where The Road Takes Me promised to be another great read and since I had that eBook on my kindle for quite some time now, I thought it was time to finally hit the road.

High school senior Chloe is a loner and focuses on being invisible. That also means not to let anyone get too close because she learned the hard way that nothing good can come out of it. After graduation the only goal she has is ‘The Road’: the one thing that will make her feel free. Enter Blake Hunter, star basketballer of the high school team and everybody’s darling. However, appearances are deceiving and he is determined not to show anyone the shattered pieces behind the facade.
Then one fateful night brings Chloe and Blake together and everything changes – at least for Blake. Nothing changes for Chloe because she still has ‘The Road’. Will Blake be able to change the course of her road?

I will be upfront with you guys: this novel was not what I expected. I was looking for a light, fun road trip story with a bit of troubled pasts or screwed up families. Well, I got the troubled pasts and screwed up families but I didn’t get the road trip or the fun, light story. Don’t get me wrong, there were still funny moments and situations but the overall storyline here was rather heavy.
I was very intrigued by Chloe’s past but especially with her upbringing, since that was something I have never read before in a book. I fully support her decision to go on that road trip, because what is more fun than a road trip? But the reason behind that decision is one I don’t support at all. Her way of thinking is naive, irrational and stupid.
Blake was a nice guy but I often thought that he was too good for Chloe. I know it sounds bad but there were more than a couple situations in which Chloe let her selfishness get the best of her, which resulted in Blake getting treated unfairly and badly by her.

“Red-letter days. It’s when something unexpectedly phenomenal happens.”
I choked on my sob.
“You’re my unexpectedly phenomenal, Chloe. You’re my red-letter day.”

Another thing I found odd was Blake and his mom’s relationship. They have barely talked to each other in years. Then comes Chloe, gives his mom some advice and all of a sudden everything is back to normal, as if nothing ever happened.
A character I really liked though was Blake’s best friend, Josh. His appearances in this novel makes me really excited to pick up Kick, Push, in which his story is being told.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I didn’t get my road trip part. Well, there was a little bit of road tripping but that was not what I had hoped for.
I also didn’t like the rushed and forced ending of the story.
Although Where The Road Takes Me didn’t convince me 100%, it was still a nice read. I definitely recommend this one to Jay McLean fans.

Happy Reading,
Sabrina ♥

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9 thoughts on “Where The Road Takes Me – Review

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  1. That cover makes the book look so light and fluffy but then I read your review and it doesn’t match up at all. Sorry to hear this book wasn’t everything. I don’t like when characters treat others badly, especially when it seems like Chloe and Blake are together. Ugh!

    My first thought when you mentioned the relationship between Blake and his mom getting fixed was “that is so unrealistic”…I hope that Kick, Push is a much better read for you since you enjoyed the character Josh.

    Great review! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading my review!! ❤

      Well, I think you should definitely give it a try if you really want to. 🙂 Maybe you'll like it – or maybe not. 😀
      I'm sorry, I hope i didn't put you off now! :/

      I know! Their whole relationship was weird. I mean, I'm glad they fixed their relationship but when you haven't really talked for years, how can you go from 0 to 100 like nothing happened? Aren't you basically strangers then and have to get to know each other again? But that's only my personal opinion. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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