This is How I Die – Poetry Release

img_2519Through the writing of J.R. Rogue, I discovered a world of poetry I didn’t know existed. Kat Savage is one of the poets I learned about through Rogue’s social media and their friendship. I love witnessing their talents merge and the camaraderie these two powerhouses share. They are encouragers of women and the lives women lead. I enjoy to read their work when I’m in the mood for something emotional, but shorter than a novel.Reviewed by Ashley

This is How I Die is a collection of works from Kat Savage’s previous works including, Mad Woman, Anchors & Vacancies, Redamancy, and much of Throes. I haven’t made my way through this entire collection yet, but wanted to share with our readers while this title was fresh off the press. Earlier this year I read Mad Woman and felt such a strong emotional pull to the struggles Kat conveyed through her writing. Heartbreak, love, muses, weight loss, even Britney Spears are all topics Kat presents to her readers through her medium of poetry.

This is her story, read it, feel, weep, connect    

“I’m the antagonist
in my own story,
scoffing the plot
and singing off-key.
Sometimes I kill of the hero
just to keep it interesting.”

If you find yourself scoffing poetry, because the old, dead poets of high school times ruined this art form for you, please give it another chance. You’ll get to check out most of Kat’s works within one book and feel womanhood represented in a way you can’t help but relate to.
Lots of Bookish Love,
♥ Ashley

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