Bad Penny – Review

IMG_0232editedAfter a rather unsatisfying psychological thriller, I was in need of a light and fun read and Bad Penny, Staci Hart‘s latest release, was the only way to go.

Guys love Penny and Penny loves guys, but she always breaks it off after the third date, because if she sticks around, one of three things will happen: they will profess their undying love, they will get weird and stalky, or she will go crazy. Reviewed by SabrinaSo when she meets Bodie, she figures that everything will be the same as it ever was. But he is different than all those other guys: he doesn’t put a single string on her and gives her the freedom she needs. It doesn’t help that he’s funny, smart, sexy and knows how to give Penny a good time. But is it a good idea to continue seeing him after the third date, because she can’t help but think about what will happen if she ignores her cardinal rule: she will lose him forever.

I really like Staci Hart’s novels, because her storylines and characters are not only fun and enjoyable, they are also a bit unconventional in the best possible way, and Bad Penny was one of those unconventional reads.
Fans may remember Penny from her appearance in one of Staci Hart’s previous novels, Tonic. To me, Penny was not the typical heroine, she was rather the anti-heroine: She’s a tattoo artist, a serial dater, a maneater and definitely not the-girl-next-door. And to be honest with you, I really enjoyed that about her. It’s not that I don’t like the typical heroines in today’s NA novels, quite the opposite, but there are so many girls out there like Penny, so why shouldn’t there be novels about them too? Her character was tough and witty, and it was refreshing to read about quirkiness.
Bodie was the perfect counterpart to Penny: He was fun, patient, loyal and kept Penny on her toes. Their instant attraction was off the charts. Besides their instant romantic and intimate connection, there might even be another connection between Bodie and Penny that might surprise you.

The storyline itself was simple and easy, and there were no overly traumatic pasts or demons to overcome for either of the characters. The only thing you should be aware of before heading into this novel is, that this story is sexy. Very sexy. Very very sexy! If you don’t like a lot of descriptive, sexy scenes, then you should definitely pass on this novel. For everyone else, have fun! šŸ™‚
The only thing that annoyed me, was Penny’s dramatic behavior toward the end. It was a tad bit over the top, repetitive and too whiny. The ending, but especially the epilogue, however, made me give this novel a higher ranking after all.

Bad Penny is a great read and for everyone who is in need of something simple, easy and fun.
Be on the lookout for my review of Staci Hart’s upcoming release of Shift in the next few weeks.

Lots of bookish love,
Sabrina ā™„

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