Our Favorite Books of 2017

Favorites 17Hey bookworms,
We can’t believe it’s the end of the year already and we are writing a blog post about our favorite books of 2017. Where has the time gone? It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we set up our 2017 Reading Challenges.

2017 was a great year for both of us book-wise. We read tons of amazing books as well as not so amazing ones. 2017 was also the year we were approved for NetGalley books. We both already received the 10 Reviews badge, whereas Ashley even received her 80% badge! Go, Ashley!

Without further ado, here is our list of our favorite books in 2017. Enjoy!

happy reading - both

Ashley – I have listed these in the order they were read, as opposed to listing them in order of favorites. I just can’t do that. It’s like choosing a favorite child. Actually…picking my favorite child may be easier (just kidding). 😉

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things – Bryn Greenwood
This one seems to be a hit or miss for most people, but it was a huge hit for me. It was my first book of the year and became an instant favorite. Almost a year after reading, I still find myself thinking about Wavy and Kellan.

Walden – Henry David Thoreau
Walden was one of the most profound and influential books I’ve ever read. It, without doubt, needed to be added to the list. I found a kindred spirit within Thoreau and was in awe of my ability to connect with the thoughts of someone who lived so many years ago. It showed me we’re not quite as different from the past generations as we may think.img_9649

The Gravity of Us– Brittainy C. Cherry
I love Brittainy C. Cherry. I love Graham and Lucy. Brittainy’s books always invoke all the feels and this one was no exception. This was easily my favorite book of her Elements series.

The Bronze Horseman – Paullina Simons
I finally got around to reading this book after hearing all about it in 2016. This story sticks out clear as day in my mind. I can still picture everything from this book and how it made me feel. One of the best WWII Romances I’ve ever read! I hope to read the next two books in the series in 2018.wildling

The Wildling Sisters/The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde – Eve Chase
I chose this book on Netgalley for the cover and the British setting and was so pleasantly surprised by just how much I loved it. I desperately want to buy the paperback and re-read this story. I loved the history of the old house and the sometimes spooky feel! You may have seen this book with the British title (Audrey Wilde) or the American version (The Wildling Sisters). Regardless of which title you read, I highly recommend this novel!

Atheists Who Kneel and Pray – Tarryn Fisher
It’s Tarryn, need I say more? She’s my favorite author and I would love reading her grocery list. However, this story felt very personal to me and I loved the main character, Yara.

The Roanoke Girls – Amy Engel
I love stories with mysterious old houses and murky histories readers have to uncover. This book was all of that and more! I enjoyed buddy reading this book with Sabrina and discussing this absolutely crazy story.

img_3109The Ghostwriter – Alessandra Torre
Holy wow! This book was incredible. It’s definitely my favorite Alessandra Torre book and quite different from her usual works. I loved how unpredictable the story was and Helena’s character. I enjoyed buddy reading this with Sabrina and discussing what we thought would happen, then being wrong!

Something in the Way Series – Jessica Hawkins
This series is everything. I read all three books in six days because I couldn’t put them down. I love Manning and Lake and can’t wait to read more of their story in February!

img_3996Ten Below Zero – Whitney Barbetti
All the feels! This was another page turner for me because the characters were absolutely incredible and the writing was superb. This is a story that will stick with me and be one I re-read eventually. I can’t wait to read more by Whitney Barbetti in the new year.

Whore – Willow Aster
The love between Soti and Lilith was one of the most beautiful loves I’ve ever read! I’m a huge fan of this story.

Behind the Bars – Brittainy C. Cherry
Brittainy C. Cherry’s writing is like a fine wine. Each book evokes more emotion than the last. I adored the characters and this story! Behind the Bars is one that will stick with me for a long time.

Sabrina – Just like Ashley, I listed my favorite reads in the order they were read.

Dark Hearts – Micalea Smeltzer
After a rather disappointing sequel to Rae of Sunshine, Dark Hearts, the third installment in the “Light in the Dark” series, was amazing. I loved reading about Nova and Jace. Their chemistry was off the charts and gave me all the butterflies. Dark Hearts can be read as a standalone.

img_8166-editedA Quiet Kind of Thunder – Sara Barnard
The story of Steffi and Rhys was one of the first novels I read this year. With Steffi being mute and Rhys being deaf, A Quiet Kind of Thunder was one the cutest and most real books I’ve read in 2017. I didn’t think I would love the book as much as I did but if someone asks me for a great YA rec, A Quiet Kind of Thunder will always be my go-to choice.

Anything You Can Do – R. S. Grey
What is a reading year without a book by R. S. Grey. AYCD was my first book by her this year and it was – as always – hilarious! If you’re looking for a fun weekend read, then this enemies to lovers story is the one!

The Allure of Julian Lefray – R. S. GreyIMG_9259edited
And here is yet another amazing and entertaining R. S. Grey novel. I buddy read this one with Ashley and we both couldn’t get enough of Julian and Jo. I definitely recommend this book as a buddy read: it’s way more fun to laugh at the situations Julian and Jo put themselves in together as opposed to experiencing it alone.

Who Needs Air – Cassie Graham
I stumbled over Who Needs Air rather by accident and I don’t regret it at all. This second-chance love story was original and oh so sweet. I loved Cam and August. Where is my August though? I want him to write a bestselling novel about me too! ❤

The Summer Remains – Seth King
2017 was the year I finally read a Seth King book. The Summer Remains was great and I could totally relate to Summer’s mid-twenties struggles. The whole book was so real, it made me think of life, in general, more than once. Be sure to keep your tissues close by.

IMG_1117editedHere’s To series – Teagan Hunter
Teagan Hunter became one of my favorite authors this year. She created amazing stories and characters with her “Here’s To” series. Here’s To Yesterday is probably my favorite one, because of Tucker!! Be sure to check out book 1 in the series first: Here’s To Tomorrow.

The Over Duet – J. A. DeRouen
I loved Low and Ever’s story. DeRouen created an amazing duet: the setting, the characters, the genre switch between the books… I could go on and on. I loved it.

Quiet – Susan Cain
This non-fiction book was recommended to me by my amazing blogging partner and friend, Ashley. Being an introvert myself, it helped me to see the introvert world in a whole new light. This novel is definitely eye-opening.

The Winner’s Trilogy – Marie RutkoskiIMG_1288edited
If you haven’t read ths trilogy yet, I strongly recommend it. The books were amazing! It’s really difficult to put them in a specific genre: it’s YA, Romance, Historical, Fantasy (but not the dragons and wizards kind of fantasy). And you’re definitely going to fall for Kestrel and Arin. ❤ You should start with The Winner’s Curse.

Let’s Get Textual – Teagan Hunter
Delia and Zach’s hilarious story is probably one of my absolute favorites this year. I lost count of how many times I was swooning and laughing about those two. Who knew that one wrong text could lead you to your dream guy.

IMG_0161editedDear Amy – Helen Callaghan
Of the few psychological thrillers I read this year, Dear Amy was one of my favorites. Helen Callaghan created a unique story with some good turns and an even better plot twist! I also enjoyed the characters in this thrillers. Until the very end, you didn’t know who was bad and who was good.

Wenn Schmetterlinge Loopings fliegen – Petra Hülsmann
Ich habe dieses Jahr genau zwei deutsche Romane gelesen. Beide waren super toll und super lustig. Da der andere ein re-read war (Für jede Lösung ein Problem), hab ich mich für unseren Jahresrüblick für Wenn Schmetterlinge Loopings fliegen entschieden. Ich hab teilweise Tränen gelacht. Petra Hülsmann hat eine super witzige und zugleich herzerwärmende Geschichte geschrieben.

What were some of your favorite reads this year? Let us know in the comments. ❤

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  1. Great lists! There’s a few I’ve been meaning to read, so they’ll be bumped up my TBR.
    Some of the books that made my list were: The Final Empire and Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson, Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher (I discovered her this year!), and Hunger by Roxane Gay.

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