Coast – Review

Note: Please make sure to read Kick, Push before picking up Coast!

IMG_1520editedReviewed by Sabrina

After reading Kick, Push only a few weeks ago, I was excited to pick up the sequel to this duet. I didn’t really like Becca in book 1 that much. She caused too much unnecessary drama and it annoyed the crap out of me. I really hoped that there would be less Becca-drama and there was, fortunately. I didn’t know the drama would come from somewhere else though.

After a year of being apart from each other, Becca and Josh finally run into each other again but it’s not the meeting both of them had hoped for. Although both still have feelings for each other, none of them act on it: Josh is still afflicted with the guilt of what happened to Becca; Becca can’t forget the heartache Josh had caused. But what they don’t know is that a tragedy will soon force them together again. Will there ever be a chance for them to coast together?

Is it really possible for a guy to be as amazing as Josh? That guy is everything! I know that I gushed about him in my review of Kick, Push already but I can’t say enough how perfect this guy is. Becca is so lucky to have him fall in love with her.
I know it’s mean but in Kick, Push it often seemed that Becca didn’t appreciate Josh enough. She made everything about herself, but the fact that Josh was and still is a single dad with a life and a job and a lot of responsibility that a guy his age shouldn’t have didn’t cross her mind too often. Fortunately, that changed a bit in Coast – but only a bit. She still annoyed me but she was a little more bearable than she was in Kick, Push.

Since Becca was not the main drama queen anymore, although there will always be drama involved when she is around, something else needed to happen to make the novel more dramatic. I am not going to spoil the events for you now. It’s something awful, exhausting, and sad that a lot of families have to deal with. In this context though, it seemed like Jay McLean didn’t know what else to write about Josh and Becca, so she chose this certain terms of events to turn the story into something very dramatic – again. There were no signs that indicated this, it came just out of the blue which I didn’t like at all.

Kick, Push and Coast are about Becca and Josh but it seemed that both books were mainly about Becca and her problems and her feelings. Becca’s story was so heavy, it predominated both books unfortunately.

Although the story didn’t convince me 100%, Jay McLean’s story writing is beautiful. And have I mentioned how amazing Josh is? And I don’t want to forget Tommy. He’s adorable and Josh should be very proud of himself for raising such an amazing kid at 17!

Coast was an okay sequel, but it didn’t blow me away like I had hoped. Just like Kick, Push, I give this one a 3.5 star rating, leaning towards 3 stars.
But please, don’t let my review keep you from reading Coast. There are so many people who absolutely loved it and maybe you will be one of those people too.

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