I Wanna Text You Up – Review

IMG_1576editedReviewed by Sabrina
Ever since Teagan Hunter announced her upcoming book I Wanna Text You Up last year, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. If it turned out only half as hilarious and adorable as her last novel, Let’s Get Textual, then this one would be another winner.

Zoe Williams is in need of a new roommate because her best friend/roomie (now ex-roomie) decided to move in with her boyfriend. When Caleb Mills responds to her ‘Roommate Wanted’ flyer, she is reluctant to let him live with her because Zoe is not only seriously crushing on him, Caleb is also her best friend’s ex-boyfriend! When she gives in to his pleas, one thing is for sure: nothing can happen between them. Not even a baseball hat worn backwards or flirty texts can change that – or so Zoe hopes.

I Wanna Text You Up is first of all a fun play of words and a great title for the book. If you want something deep and meaningful, then this book is definitely not it. This story is supposed to make you laugh and make you feel good. If you had a bad day, then this story will definitely cheer you. The book is funny and has lots of hilarious banter between Zoe and Caleb. Most of this banter is, just like Let’s Get Textual, via text.

Although the book is a funny romcom, Caleb has a dark secret carrying around with him. It’s not until the very end (the last chapter actually) he finally reveals his dark and sad story. I do like characters with a rather dark past: It not only makes the character more interesting, it also gives answers about the character’s current state: what shaped this character and why does this character act and behave certain ways. With this being said I think that Caleb’s past is slightly out of place in this direction of the book, which is the funny direction. Caleb’s shocking yet interesting past has potential for more chapters and fits better in a serious book than in a romcom. There is still so much to tell and I was bummed when it was revealed on barely two pages in the last chapter only. It seemed like it was only added to cause a little drama, which was not necessary in my opinion.
Zoe also has an interesting past and I wished I would’ve learned more about that too.

Nevertheless, Caleb is an amazing guy: He’s funny, a hard worker, sexy, and a really loyal friend. And let’s not forget he’s a great cook too! I love it when men can cook because it makes them way more attractive in my eyes. ❤ Caleb wasn’t even on my radar much in Let’s Get Textual. He only made small appearances there, plus he was ‘just the ex-boyfriend’. This is why I really enjoyed getting to know him and seeing this hidden side of him. Caleb’s character is so much deeper than what he let’s people see on the outside which is his good looks and being a baseball athlete. He is definitely my favorite character in this novel.
Zoe is funny, sassy, and so exhausting! Seriously, how can one person be so demanding? She is not bad per se, she has a good heart, she’s kind and all that but I would struggle to be her friend. She’s clearly an extrovert and needs a lot of attention but me as an introvert would get exhausted fairly quickly if I were around her for too long. I think that she’s only bearable in small doses. But that’s just my personal opinion.

Teagan Hunter created a unique story with Let’s Get Textual: The main characters, Delia and Zach, would communicate a lot of times via text. The texts were funny, sweet, and super sassy. And if an idea worked once, it should work a second time too, shouldn’t it? Well, that’s partly true in my opinion. Caleb and Zoe text a lot throughout I Wanna Text You Up. Although the contents of their texts were funny and super sassy, I was slightly bored with reading conversations through texts again. The only new thing was Caleb and Zoe’s story, the concept was the same though.
I also wished that the texts would have had a date and a time specification. You never knew when they texted and for how many hours or days.

Despite my complaints, I Wanna Text You Up is still a decent and fun read: it’s a four star rating for me. If you love romcoms and if I piqued your interest, then feel free to purchase the book through the links below.
Also, if you want to know more about the author, this book and other stuff, be on the lookout for my author interview with Teagan Hunter next week!

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