The Beau & The Belle – Review

I don’t know how R.S. Grey manages to write hit after hit. She’s has nailed her niche and I doubt she could write a bad book. Her stories never fail to make me laugh out loud, read through the entire day or night, and fall in love along with her characters. While I’m reading, I feel like I’m watching a Jen Aniston ROM-COM or something of the like. I want to crawl inside and stay in the happy little places she creates. One of the most impressive qualities of her books is how light and fun they continue to be while keeping my interest throughout. Most books need some level of drama or heartache and while The Beau & The Belle may have had a touch of these moments, it never seems to overwhelm the story or turn it into something predominately negative. Simply, I always know I’m going to have an enjoyable time while I’m reading an R.S. Grey book.Reviewed by Ashley

I have to tell you, I’m constantly jealous of Grey’s wit. This was a trait I missed out on upon my creation, but one I wish I had. Every time I read her one-liners, I’m baffled, “how does she come up with this? She’s freaking hilarious!” The line below almost had me spewing my tea.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Gorden-Levitt.”

My favorite part of this novel was the past and present aspect of the story. The past was perfectly done, making me feel like I was back in high school again with the references to P!nk, Johnny Depp, and running home from school to sign onto Messenger, hoping the boy I liked would chat with me first. I graduated high school the same year as R.S. Grey, which made this a fun walk down memory lane. I actually longed for the innocence and ease of my teenage years again, something I never expected would happen ten years later! The main character’s inexperience when it came to guys was endearing and relatable. Lauren’s antics and insecurities reminded me of myself during that time in my own life. As someone who met my own (older) husband at 17 years old, I was definitely taken by the magnetism between Lauren and Beau. Their attraction to each other was all too familiar, along with the tension of being drawn to someone older.

When we catch up with the characters in the present day, I was excited to see the growth they experienced in ten years, especially Lauren’s transformation into a headstrong woman. The push and pull between Beau and Lauren was perfect. I never experienced such a slow-burn in one of Grey’s novels before this. I hope she employs this tactic in more of her future works because it had me flipping the pages at warp speed. I literally could not put this book down all day!

I’ve given all of this praise without even mentioning the setting of The Beau & The Belle! I visited New Orleans my senior year of high school (again, with the high school nostalgia) and was enamored with the atmosphere of the city. It is one of the most unique cities I’ve ever been to and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to relive my short time there while reading. Many of the places mentioned are places I’ve been to myself, like Cafe Du Monde, Jackson Square, and Bourbon Street.

With each book, R.S. Grey continues to move farther up my list of favorite authors. If you’ve yet to experience one of her books, you are sorely missing out on a feel-good story. Pick up this beauty on February 1st!

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NowAvailableTeaserAbout THE BEAU & THE BELLE:

Beau Fortier starred in most of my cringe-worthy teenage fantasies.
I met him when I was a junior in high school, a time that revolved exclusively around bad
hair, failed forays into flirting, and scientific inquiries into which brand of toilet paper
worked best for stuffing bras.

That is until Beau moved into the small guest house just beyond my bedroom window.

A 24-year- old law student at Tulane, Beau was as mysterious to me as second base
(both in baseball and in the bedroom). He was older. Intimidating. Hot. Boys my age had
chicken legs and chubby cheeks. Beau had calloused hands and a jaw cut from steel. Our
interactions were scarce—mostly involving slight stalking on my end—and yet deep
down, I desperately hoped he saw me as more of a potential lover than a lovesick loser.
Turns out, I was fooling myself. My fragile ego learned that lesson the hard way.
Now, ten years later, we’re both back in New Orleans and guess who suddenly can’t
take his eyes off little ol’ me.
My old friend, Mr. Fortier.
But things have changed. I’m older now—poised and confident. My ego wears a
bulletproof vest. The butterflies that once filled my stomach have all perished.
When I was a teenager, Beau warned me to guard my heart.
Let’s hope he knows how to guard his.


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R.S. Grey is the USA Today bestselling author of thirteen novels, including THE FOXE &
THE HOUND. She lives in Texas with her husband and two dogs, and can be found
reading, binge-watching reality TV, or practicing yoga!

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