Leo’s Chance – Review

NOTE: This is a companion novel to Leo and has an alternate POV. Please read Leo first before diving into Leo’s Chance!
This novel constains SPOILERS regarding Leo, so please refrain from reading any further if you intend to pick up Leo soon!

Cover3Reviewed by Sabrina
After finishing Leo, I decided to start with its companion novel right away because you know I try to complete the “2018-Mia-Sheridan-Mission”, in which I try to read all the books she has written so far.
Reading Leo’s Chance immediately after Leo had it’s positive but also it’s negative sides. Let’s get to the positive sides first. Leo was told from Evie’s POV only, so we only got to read and hear her side of the story. We learned about her life growing up, her life in Foster care, and everything that has happened after that. Leo’s Chance is basically the same story but told from a different POV, Leo’s POV. I really liked this POV change because I finally learned more about him, his past, his feelings towards Evie, and why he made the decisions he made. It helped me to understand him a little better because I didn’t have the opportunity in Leo. What I also enjoyed were Leo’s flashbacks.

I was able to skip parts of conversations here and there in the story because most of the conversations in Leo were the same in Leo’s Chance. Which brings me to the negative side of the story. Although skipping certain parts helped me to finish the book a little quicker, it was also a little boring to read the same things again. However, not everything was the same. Besides learning about Leo’s doings when he wasn’t with Evie, Mia Sheridan added a few extra Leo & Evie scenes which have only been mentioned in Leo. I really liked that part. Leo’s Chance also has two completely different epilogues.

Personally, I don’t think it was necessary for me to read Leo’s Chance right after Leo, because I got all of the answers I needed in the first book. It would’ve been perfectly fine if I had picked it up in a few months. I would’ve have forgotten certain parts by then, so reading Leo’s Chance would’ve been a less dull and dragging experience as it was now. I don’t say that you shouldn’t read this book, but maybe take a few weeks or months off after reading Leo and then head into Leo’s Chance with an open mind.
Nevertheless, it was great to finally learn about more Leo’s side of the story which is why I give this one 3 Stars.

Happy Reading - sabrina

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