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It’s the first Tuesday of the month and our fellow book blogger Kacy at The Fettered Matriarch and we are sharing another Off Topic Tuesday blog post with you. This month we talk about what blogging means to us. Let us know in the comments what blogging means to you.


As many of us mothers know, our needs and desires tend to be pushed to the bottom of the list when it comes to our families. However, through blogging, I have been able to find an outlet for my creativity, a way to socialize with like-minded people, and make friends. When we began, our goal was to simply have fun and help promote a few authors we loved. In a little over a year, a dramatic and unexpected change in my life has happened.

I have always been an incredibly introverted person, almost to the point of being a hermit if I could get away with it. I enjoyed writing but had a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. I don’t like putting myself out there and being judged harshly, I don’t like criticism (who does?), and I am very self-critical. However, through the blogging and the book community, I have a newfound confidence. I feel like a valued member of this little niche, I have learned a great deal about myself and the book world, gone to book signings, gained knowledge, gotten a job, and finally found that elusive “tribe” of women everyone talks so much about these days.

While at times blogging can be stressful because there is always something to be done, it is immensely rewarding too. The best thing is when a person is encouraged to pick up a book they might not have known about because of one of our reviews, especially if they get back to us after they have finished reading. When someone tells us they loved a book we recommended it feels like hitting the jackpot! Through such a small act, we are able to give our favorite authors the recognition they deserve.

I also wouldn’t be as likely to push myself to read quite as many books as I have in the past two years if it weren’t for blogging. Frequent reading has allowed me to venture into the minds, hearts, and worlds of many great people and ultimately feel more understood in this big, and sometimes cruel world. It’s a way for me to turn my own overthinking mind off and simply get lost in someone else’s. It can be such a relief!

It still boggles my mind – something that started so small has turned into such a huge and fulfilling part of my life. I couldn’t be more grateful Sabrina asked me to join her two summers ago.


If someone would have told me a few years ago that I would become a blogger, I wouldn’t have believed that person. I probably would have laughed in this person’s face because why would I become one of those bloggers? They are only about fashion, make-up and/or traveling anyway. At least according to the media. But book bloggers? That is something I hadn’t heard of up until a few years ago. But here I am: I am a blogger. A book blogger.

At first, it felt a little strange to share my thoughts online and for the whole world to see. Before that I only published small reviews on Goodreads and although everyone could read those, too, blogging felt so much bigger and more intimidating. Plus, I was never much of a social media sharer, I am still not, and I don’t like to be judged by others for what I am doing. But this was different. The book community I instantly became a part of, never gave me the feeling of doing something wrong or weird, it was normal. I felt that I finally belonged to something.

Most of my friends don’t like to read or they don’t have time to read. And no one I know of, besides the book bloggers, are as obsessed with reading as I am. I absolutely love reading and I am so happy that this is one of my hobbies, but honestly, it is also a lonely hobby when you don’t have someone to talk about it with.
Blogging fills this void I am having: I get to share my thoughts on books, plots, and characters but I also get to talk about it with fellow bloggers or readers. I finally found like-minded people who I can fangirl with, who I can vent about plot twists and characters with, and who I can share the anticipation of a new release with. These people are spread all over the globe and I haven’t met 99% of them, unfortunately, but whenever I talk to them it seems like I’ve known them forever.

Blogging also gave me a little more confidence because not everyone out there in front of their laptops, smartphones and computers is out to get me. Everyone I have talked to and interacted with on the blog and other social media outlets have been anything but kind, encouraging, and respectful. In sharing our reviews and other bookish posts we book bloggers share the same kind of vulnerability because every blog post contains something personal. It’s amazing that everyone in the book community, well except for the very many trolls out there, value the others opinions. ❤
Being a blogger in the book community is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I am so happy that Ashley and I decided to do this because I can’t imagine my life without it anymore. Although blogging is oftentimes stressful and very time-consuming, I love and enjoy every minute of it.

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13 thoughts on “Off Topic Tuesday

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  1. I’m so glad you guys stepped outside your comfort zone and started your blog. To think if you or I hadn’t, we wouldn’t know each other. Such a sad thought! This community is amazing and you guys are so AWESOME at what you do!

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  2. Sabrina, I started blogging for the same reason you did. And I am also soooooo glad I did! I read so many amazing books last year that I probably never would have known about if it wasn’t for other book bloggers. And I was so excited that at least one person picked up a book I recommended and absolutely loved it. Plus I’ve made some good friends who love books.

    I’m glad you guys picked up blogging and that it’s making y’all so happy. 🙂 Loved this super positive post. Great way to begin my day.

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  3. Wonderful post. You two have obviously found your passion. ❤ Taking that crucial step out of a blooming comfort zone is not easy but when that special moment happens then it´s a liberating feeling. Blogging is definitely a nice change of wallpaper because, as you´ve said, there aren´t as many bookish people near / around us. We´re all scattered across the globe.
    Thank you for your insight. Thank you for the joy you bring others. Thank you for being the blog and people you both are. Book bloggers might not be as popular as makeup / food bloggers… we´re a more passionate bunch ( introverts AND extroverts alike 😉 )

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