Love Me, Love Me Not – Review

love me love me notThank you to NetGalley and HQ Digital for providing a copy for review.

“Today isn’t the first time I’ve thought about killing my best friend, but it is the first time I’ve done something about it.”

Reviewed by Sabrina
NOTE: This review contain spoilers!

What an amazing opener for a psychological Thriller, don’t you think? Yes! This book is going to be epic! Wrong! Totally wrong! I DNF this eGalley at 24% and I don’t like DNF-ing books – at all. If you take a closer look at my DNF-goodreads-shelf then you see only a total of 3 books – and now there are 4.
Every author puts their love, dedication, and time into a book. It’s like a baby to them and I don’t want to disrespect that because even the worst books deserve some love. BUT I draw a line at certain points. I don’t hinge my decision on certain items on a list or something. It can be a character, the plot line, a character’s behavior etc.
Now you probably want to know what made me DNF this book right? Well, here you go:

The main character of this book, Jane, raped her ex-boyfriend.

WHAT?! Yes. Jane raped her ex-boyfriend, Patrick, to get back at her best friend, Elle, who, according to Jane, “stole” Patrick from her a few years back. But from the beginning:

Jane and Elle met at school. Jane was the ugly duckling with only a mom, a brother, and no money whatsoever. Elle on the other hand was filthy rich and got everything she wanted – everything. For whatever reason they became friends.
In her last year of university, Jane met Patrick, they became a couple and even lived together in London for a few years. Then they broke up and Jane blamed Elle because ever since Jane introduced Patrick to Elle, Jane believed that Elle wanted Patrick for herself. This is only partly true because Patrick and Elle became a couple shortly after Patrick & Jane broke up.

Then Patrick and Elle got married which made Jane leave for Hong Kong because she couldn’t be around them anymore. But after a few years she came back. The reason? Elle.
The married couple couldn’t get pregnant, but Elle wanted a baby so badly, she did everything in her power to make it happen because after all she’s Elle, and she always gets what she wants – always. So Jane agreed to help her out and volunteered in becoming her surrogate. Nice gesture but Jane had plans on her own when she met Patrick for a drink that one night:

My hand retrieved a tiny glass vial, hidden in the bottom of my bag. […] I emptied the contents of the vial in Patrick’s drink.
I slipped a vial containing the concentrated essence of marijuana into Patrick’s drink when he popped outside for a smoke.

So she slipped some sort of marijuana vial into Patrick’s drink, brought him back to her place and raped him, all the while he was delirious… Seriously? Are you kidding me?

I will never forget how he felt inside of me, […] his arousal wonderfully responsive even though he was delirious. Marijuana is pretty potent stuff when administered in a strong enough dose.

She deliberately raped her almost unconscious ex-boyfriend to get back at her best friend! And when he woke up later, shocked and confused by what happened, she lied to his face!

‘What the…?’ A befuddled question as he realised it wasn’t his wife beside him. ‘What the fuck happened last night?’ […] I imagined him trying to make sense of the scene in front of him, to remember anything other than sharing a couple of drinks in the pub.
Marijuana has a number of side effects, and the short-term memory loss was of particular benefit that night.
‘You thought I was Elle.’

But here comes the best part! With raping Patrick she not only wanted to get back at Elle, Jane also wanted to get pregnant with Patrick’s baby. She never wanted to go through with the surrogacy and only wanted to pretend to carry Elle & Patrick’s baby in her womb.

One day I will tell her that the baby growing within me may not be her own.
She will discover that the day after her own eggs were harvested and she fled to a Mediterranean island, I took advantage of her husband.

Can you believe this woman?
I know that thrillers need to be shocking, mind-blowing, and whatnot but I draw a line at rape. I draw the line when the main character deliberately rapes her or his partner for any kind of reason.
I don’t believe for one second that the author, Katherina Debona, wanted to excuse Jane’s behavior in any way but I just can’t acceept a main character being such a sicko. I don’t want to read about it because even thinking about it makes me sick and so angry.

I couldn’t finish Love Me, Love Me Not but maybe you will try your luck. Feel free to pre-order the ebook with the links below.

Happy Reading - sabrina

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      1. You definitely weren’t overreacting. The blurb really did sound promising, and that cover! You just saved us all a little time.

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