Bring Me Back – Shared Review

Sabrina and I were lucky enough to score eGalleys of Bring Me Back, making this our third consecutive buddy read of B.A. Paris’s books! We both loved reading Behind Closed Doors, were lukewarm on The Breakdown, and thankfully, B.A. Paris was able to bring us back with her third novel! Despite many of the negative reviews I had read on Paris’s upcoming release, I was still excited to read this book. This author has an exceptional ability to write stories that keep readers guessing until the very end. Reviewed by Ashley

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a story quite as suspenseful and unpredictable as Bring Me Back. As always, I love buddy reading books, especially Thrillers, with Sabrina because it enhances the reading experience tenfold. We are able to bounce theories off of the other and come up with new possible scenarios when we put our heads together. Though Sabrina was able to predict the outcome of this story, it didn’t seem to affect our enjoyment whatsoever, as it was just one guess in a sea of theories.

Going into this book completely blind also added to my enjoyment of the novel. I think the blurb is a tad too long and revealing, and I’m glad I decided to forgo reading it before I read the book. I think the blurb’s first sentence is all readers need to know: “She went missing. He moved on. A whole world of secrets remained—until now.” That sentence alone would make me read almost any book! It’s mysterious and vague, just how I want my Suspense novels!

As things were revealed within the story, I was impressed with the author’s ability in making question every possible character’s motive and connection to the events at hand. As soon as I was sure I had things laced up in my mind, something new would happen and I would question everything again. That is precisely what I look for when reading this genre and the reason I enjoyed reading B.A. Paris’s writing to begin with. As the plot moved toward the end, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the way things concluded – the ending makes or breaks Thrillers. Once I finished the epilogue and read the final sentence in the book, I was 100% won over.

I think it’s safe to say Sabrina and I are cemented as fans of B.A. Paris and hopefully will continue to have the chance to buddy read everything she writes in the future! I, personally, cannot wait to see what she has up next!

Happy Reading - ashley

Reviewed by SabrinaBuddy-reading a B. A. Paris Thriller has become our thing, our tradition of sorts. Behind Closed Doors was a brilliant debut Thriller we loved. The Breakdown was a little disappointing. And now Bring Me Back. We both didn’t even read the blurb, we only decided to buddy-read it because it was the latest B. A. Paris. Plus, going into a Thriller blind is exciting. There’s something thrilling about finding out about the characters and their antics, while at the same time the story is forming in your mind. You never know what’s next and what the characters are going to do.

The first few chapters were really mysterious. We got to know the main character, Finn, and his girlfriend, Elle. They seemed to be very much in love but it was obvious from the beginning that something was overshadowing their relationship. Bit by bit and chapter by chapter Ashley and I found out what that something was – at least that’s what we thought. We didn’t know that the book had so much more suspenseful, creepy and mysterious parts and situations coming.

I really enjoyed the book’s division which added a lot to the story’s suspense. It kept us guessing about Finn’s past, his current situation, and most of all his future: how was this book going to end?
As Ashley already mentioned, the story was unpredictable until the very last page. In my opinion, the secondary characters played a big part in that. They all seemed suspicious but at the same time they didn’t seem suspicious at all, it was insane.

Although I predicted the plot twist of Bring Me Back, neither Ashley nor I figured out how the book was going to end. Honestly? I didn’t think the book was going to end the way it did, it was totally crazy and so good. And B. A. Paris wouldn’t be B. A. Paris if she didn’t top it off with one last big and memorable bang: the last sentence was everything! Wow!

It’s safe to say that I really enjoyed Paris’ third thriller. I can’t wait for her next release and the next B. A. Paris buddy-read with Ashley.

Happy Reading - sabrina

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  1. This is one of my most anticipated reads of the year. B.A. Paris is my favorite thriller author and St. Martin’s Press sent me a finished copy that I can’t wait to get to in the next few days! So glad to see you two enjoyed it. Great reviews 🙂

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