IMG_3791Hi, I’m Ashley.  I’m a wife to my best friend, stay-at-home mom to three, a fitness enthusiast, and obviously an avid reader.  I call Texas home, though I hold a very large place in my heart for Colorado; where I lived for several years before returning home to raise my family.  Most of my days are spent chasing children, cleaning messes, and trying to read a line or two of a book before I’m interrupted again.  I could not be more grateful that this crazy life of mine allows me to pursue so many hobbies and interests, while raising my children and loving my family.



Hi, I’m Sabrina. I’m a student, a travel-lover, a tv-show enthusiast and a reading-addict. Although I am German through and through, I left a piece of my heart in the USA, where I spent two years of my life as an au pair. When I’m not in class or studying for tests and exams, you can find me either at the gym, out with my friends or reading on my kindle. I always liked to read and to buy books but since getting a kindle as a Christmas gift I became addicted!



IMG_6273You guys might be wondering how a German and a Texan found each other and became super close friends. Good question… 😀 It’s actually pretty easy: be penpals for over 8 years, write to each other on a regular basis, talk about everything via text, facebook and letters, meet twice and then you have the perfect German-Texan friendship. Although we live 5171 miles apart and couldn’t be more different regarding our lives, we have so many things in common and are blessed to have each other.

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