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We started to write down our favorite book quotes a while ago. Thanks to awesome books and their even more awesome authors, we could fill our list with quote after quote. Now we would like to share some of our favorites with you. Maybe a few of them are even your favorites, too. πŸ™‚
“This is a fast love culture, where people fall in and out of something so sacred you wonder if it has the same meaning it did a hundred years ago.” Thief- Tarryn Fisher
“Broken people give broken love.Β  And we are all a little broken.Β  You just have to forgive and sew up the wounds love delivers , and move on.” -Thief, Tarryn Fisher
“But our houses stand, almost collapsing under the weight of the sin they contain.” -Marrow, Tarryn Fisher
“I hate that nothing can be done about the suffering of children, an that most of the world blocks out their suffering to cope with their inability to help.Β  The few who carry the burden, like social workers and teachers, become weary, burning out after only a few short years, forced to carry the weight that should be shared by a society.Β  Children are vastly overlooked. The importance underestimated by their size.”Β  -Marrow, Tarryn Fisher
“Conviction is conviction…at whatever decibel level it’s expressed.” Quiet, Susan Cain
“I pray directly to God with the holes in his hands.Β  He seems like the one to talk to.Β  A God that understands pain.” -Mud Vein, Tarryn Fisher
“No one should be able to steal you away from you.” -In This Life, Christine Brae
“…but memories fade a lot faster than photographs.” -Confess, Colleen Hoover
“It’s our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, JK Rowling
“We know that our physical bodies seem ill-fit for our ageless souls.” -Audacious, Beth Moore
“He, who’d never slumbered, slept and He, who’d never hungered, ate.” -Audacious, Beth Moore
“You have the heart of an artist. It’s why so many of us lose our minds…the majority of crazy people are artists.Β  They’re more sensitive souls–they have to be to create art others respond to.Β  But it means they’re more easily broken.”Β  -Midnight Lily, Mia Sheridan
“Books allow you to be whoever you want to be to escape yourself for a while.” -Making Faces, Amy Harmon

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