The Gravity of Us – Review

Let me start by saying, whatever I write about this book will not be able to do it justice. Last year I was gifted a copy of The Air He Breathes by a lovely person in Colleen Hoover’s CoHorts. I subsequently devoured the novel, along with all of the other books in Brittainy C. Cherry’s Elements Series. Each book was better than the last. Any author that can invoke such deep emotions within me is an author I am going to stick with and read as long as they keep writing.

The Gravity of Us is not an exception and became my favorite of this series a quarter of the way through the book. Graham has to be one of the best male leads in a story. He is deep, angry, and downright mean in the beginning. But, as we learn more about Graham’s past, readers come to understand his guarded personality. Lucy was the light of this book with her carefree spirit and the love she showed to those around her. Continue reading “The Gravity of Us – Review”

Tempting Rowan – Review

rowanThis book is probably my favorite in this series. Well, I guess it is a tie between Tempting Rowan and Saving Tatum (look out for the next review). If you haven’t read the two previous books in this series yet, don’t worry. Tempting Rowan is a total standalone and follows different characters.
Rowan and Trent know each other since high school but then all of a sudden Rowan stopped talking to Trent. Although living in the same town, she managed to avoid him for years – until now. Trent is done being ignored by Rowan. He wants to find out what happened all those years ago but more importantly he wants to win her back. He is determined to make the pain in her eyes disappear and to give her the love she deserves. But Rowan does not want to get caught up in Trent again. He means distraction and she can’t be distracted under no circumstances. Her priority are her younger siblings she has to look after since her alcoholic mother and sleazy step-dad don’t take on responsibility for them. On top of that she has a job to go to and classes to attend. Will Trent be convincing enough to change Rowan’s mind? Continue reading “Tempting Rowan – Review”

Falling Free: Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted – Review

falling free.JPGIf I took one message from Falling Free by Shannan Martin, it is to wholeheartedly embrace the brokenness of humanity.  This book made me examine my own life, a key component for the Non-Fiction genre in my eyes.  It taught me things I haven’t considered before.  God’s plans for our lives could be well beyond our comfort zones, if we only relinquish a bit of our “control”.

“Aren’t we all looking for the same exact things, to be accepted and loved in our brokenness?”

I normally find it hard to write down coherent thoughts on Christian Non-Fiction.  I’m no theologian– only a simple, Jesus-loving Texan gal.  Let’s be honest, this is the first time I’m doing it here on our blog. Dear readers and blogging friends, bear with me, please.  If Christianity isn’t your thing, keep reading if you’re intrigued, or ignore this post altogether.  I’m not into pushy-faith, but I would like to share it every once in a while, too.  I do consider myself a Christian first and foremost, though I am ashamed to admit God takes the back burner in my life frequently. This year, I want to remedy that a bit by trying to partake in the goodness of Christian literature from time to time.  I won’t review them all, but to keep a broader range of books, some will pop up on here occasionally.

Falling Free is the debut novel of author and long-time blogger, Shannan Martin.  She shares her story about losing the comfort of her middle class lifestyle, and the struggle and freedom that came with it when her husband accepted the position of a jailhouse chaplain.
For most of us, we imagine constantly moving forward in life. We want more money, bigger homes, nicer cars and a size-able retirement. This is what the American Dream teaches us, after all. Now imagine willingly going backwards and having a graceful attitude about it. This is exactly what Shannan and her growing family did, in God’s name.  Hard to imagine?  I know, me too.

Continue reading “Falling Free: Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted – Review”

The Deal – Review

img_6569-updatedA few days ago I finished The Deal by Elle Kennedy for the second time and I loved it just as much as the first time. This New Adult novel is light, sexy, fun and so much more.

The first book in the Off-Campus series follows Briar University students Garrett Graham and Hannah Wells. Garrett and Hannah couldn’t be any more different: he is the Continue reading “The Deal – Review”