J.R. Rogue – Author Interview

J.R. Rogue is one of my go-to authors. From poetry to full-length novels, I find myself hanging on her every word. I simply can't get enough of her writing and her as a person. She's good, honest, and a strong supporter of her fellow woman. Try to read this interview and not want to give... Continue Reading →


The Room on Rue Amelie – Review

Many thanks to Gallery Books and Netgalley for the chance to read and review this novel. By now many of you may know how much I love World War II Historical Fiction. There's something about this period in history I find incredibly captivating. Each story is so immersive in the human experience, offering some form... Continue Reading →

Favorite Quote Friday

Ashley "...humans are built to live in pain. Weak people let their pain choke them to a slow, emotional death. Strong people use that pain, Margo. They use it as fuel." -Tarryn Fisher, Marrow Sabrina "I want to kiss you, but I can't. I want to hold your hand, but I can't. I want to sweep... Continue Reading →

Gods of Howl Mountain – Review

Many thanks to St. Martin's Press and Netgalley for the chance to read and review this novel. Gods of Howl Mountain has a lot of things going for it. I was drawn to this unique and beautiful cover, the Southern setting, and the subject matter. One of my best-loved movies is Lawless, featuring Tom Hardy... Continue Reading →

Favorite Quote Friday

Ashley "I'm convinced there is no such thing as Someday. You know the Someday I mean? The one where our dreams finally come true and life gets miraculously easier and we get off high center and all the things we imagined or envisioned or hoped for materialize?" -Jen Hatmaker, Of Mess and Moxie Sabrina My... Continue Reading →

Baby Teeth – Review

Thank you so much to St. Martin's Press and Netgalley for the chance to read and review Baby Teeth. So bad. So good. Let me tell you a little story, as a teenager I remember watching a documentary about a family with a schizophrenic daughter and being terrified! What if that happened to me when... Continue Reading →

Off Topic Tuesday

Hi everyone! For this month's Off Topic Tuesday, Kacy from The Fettered Matriarch and we at 5171 Miles Book Blog are going to talk about our favorite movies! Let us know in the comments if our choices are some of yours too or if you have other favorite movies! Ashley The Curious Case of Benjamin... Continue Reading →

Favorite Quote Friday

Ashley "Why is a bond formed instantly with some people? I don't know how with some you just instantly know... I don't want to waste my time on anyone but the few whose hearts link with mine. It's more than a feeling, it's a deep down truth: some people are forever locked in love in one... Continue Reading →

February Recap

Hey Bookworms! How was this month for you? Were you able to accomplish your reading goals? Though February is the shortest month, it has been one of the busiest we've ever had on the blog and we've loved every minute of it! This has also been a month of milestones for us. We reached 2,500... Continue Reading →

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