180 Seconds – Review

32487648I have been in a book slump for half of June. I’ve been wanting to read something great, but constantly feeling bored with my current reads instead. In most cases, it’s no fault of the books I’ve been reading; I have simply been distracted. Part of it might be that I’ve read more than I ever have in the past year and a half and maybe I am now harder to impress. Whatever the case may be, I had an unused trial of Kindle Unlimited and decided 180 Seconds by Jessica Park would be the book to break the slump. I’ve seen the excellent reviews of this novel by readers I trust, and knew it would be exactly what I was looking for. Luckily, 180 seconds was everything I needed to read. It was emotional, touching, and had a plot that never failed to be interesting.

When Allison Dennis is roped into a video recorded social experiment, she never expects her life to change in three short minutes. She is told to sit across from a guy and stare into his eyes for 180 seconds – what comes next, no one could have imagined, especially not Allison. She lives a reclusive life, free from the scrutiny of anyone. Keeping people at arm’s length prevents them from hurting you, right? As a girl who knows the hardness of the world firsthand, through the foster care system, breaking down her walls proves to be a challenge endeavor. Continue reading “180 Seconds – Review”

The Summer Remains – Review

IMG_9796editedI was in need of an ugly cry read for quite some time now. You know, I love a great and funny NA book; they make me happy and swoon over the guys, hoping to meet one of those book-boyfriends in real life one day. But sometimes I don’t need a happy ending, I need a book that breaks my heart and makes my eyes tear up over the story. And since The Summer Remains by Seth King made it on the Huffington Post’s list of Ugly Cry Books, I was hoping this novel would do the trick.

Summer Johnson is used to hospitals and doctors. And when she gets the news of having to undergo a risky surgery in three months’ time that may or may not end up with her being dead, she decides to go against doctor’s orders and live her life like a normal 24-year-old. In hopes of falling in love in her possible last few months on earth, she downloads a new dating app. But what she doesn’t expect is Cooper Nichols, the beautiful surfer boy who turns her world upside down in the best possible way. Continue reading “The Summer Remains – Review”

How Reading Changed my Life

This year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to spend less time on social media and more time reading books. I started off by downloading the Goodreads app and making a goal to read 50 books before the year ended. I felt like I was wasting too much time on Facebook reading trash in most cases, when I could have spent my time reading something to learn from or simply for pure enjoyment. Most of Facebook’s content ranges from depressing news articles, one sided political propaganda and grouchy mother wars. How much of this negativity is seeping into our souls? Why do we care more about what other people are doing than what is happening in our own lives? It leaves me feeling downright Hopeless, so why not start there…
I knew I enjoyed Colleen Hoover’s books, so I decided to begin with Hopeless as my first read of the new year. From that moment forward, my life took a new direction. I read and finished Tarryn’s new release F*ck Love in a day, my first book of hers, after seeing Colleen’s recommendation shortly thereafter. I had never experienced writing like Tarryn’s before, her passion seeped off the pages. It was everything I had ever thought, but never had the words to say. Write or die. I needed to know her better– my being was thirsting for more of her words. I made the only logical decision at that point: I joined her “Secret Internet Girl Cult” and read all of her books.
From that point, I had a craving for words that wouldn’t leave me. After reading sentences that felt like my soul went straight to Heaven, why wouldn’t I want more?
The books I have read have stuck with me so deeply. I may have forgotten the words on the pages, but the feelings are still fresh. I remember what was going on in my life with each book I read. It’s almost as if the books contained a magical memory juice, allowing me to retain the story on the pages and the reality around me better than ever before.
Through these books, I have felt the person I am grow and become better, I’ve felt my faith waver and come back stronger than before, I’ve questioned my opinions on subjects I thought I knew about, and my mind and heart has been opened to other humans. By discovering who I am on a deeper level, I’ve been able to connect to the rest of humanity in a more profound way than ever before. One example is from reading Susan Cain’s Quiet. I always knew I was an introvert, but I never felt that it was something to be proud of.  Through reading her book I was encouraged to take the Myers-Briggs personality test and learn who I am in the most literal way (INFP-T, for you curious souls). I’ve been able to nurture myself by knowing my needs and where I gain my energy from. It’s a journey I am still on, and will continue to grow with, but without books it would not have been possible at all.
My goal with this post is to help others find that love for reading! Maybe you loved it as a kid and school made you feel burned out on books, maybe you think you don’t have time, or is it possible you simply haven’t found a subject matter you’re interested in? Whatever the case, do not let these things hold you back from growing into a fuller version of yourself!
“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

This year is quickly coming to a close, however, there is still plenty of time to channel your inner bookworm. Pick something up at your local library, and see where it takes you!  When a person opens a book, they are also opening their mind.

Lots of bookish love,